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Common Sense Setteled Science
Remember how Leftists always claim that Conservatives are Unscientific?
If there is anything that is “Settled Science”,
it is that there are just TWO Genders!
“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our
passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” —John Adams (1770)

Scientifically Listing All the Known Sexes or Genders
(1.) xx chromosome: Female
(2.) xy chromosome: Male

That’s all I got, you will need to SCIENTIFICALLY PROVE the existence of the remaining 73-plus
assorted genders and their assorted pronouns! Please name them all, then you must scientifically define
all the unique characteristics of each separate gender and explain how they all incorporate the same two

The language of the Washington State directive is eye-popping, “a gender that is not exclusively male or
female, including, but not limited to, intersex, agender, amalgagender, androgynous, bigender,
demigender, female-to-male, genderfluid, genderqueer, male-to-female, neutrois, nonbinary,
pangender, third sex, transgender, transsexual, Two Spirit, and unspecified.”
(Hmmm… I thought a “Big Ender” and “Little Ender” was from Jonathan Swift’s novel Gulliver’s
Travels. “Two-Spirit” is plain ol’ Bi-sexual)

Your tiny little ‘feelings’ are irrelevant! If you ‘think’ you are a cute little pink bunny… that will not
make you have exceedingly long ears and a cotton tail!

A MALE can never become a “girl”! Every microscopic cell in your body SCREAMS your true gender!
Just because you dress like a “girl” have fake breasts like a “girl” and have a simulated ‘vagina” because
of surgery and/or drugs, He will never have any of the internal female organs, nor the double x
chromosomes that would necessarily have to be present in EVERY cell in his body, that would make
HIM a true GIRL!

•        If you have a willy, you’re not a filly… if your willy has been cut-off… you’re STILL not a filly!
•        If you never had a willy, then you’re a filly, if a “willy” has been surgically attached… you’re
STILL a filly!

When one has no NATURAL internal and external FEMALE ‘parts’ that makes them a MALE!
When one has no NATURAL internal and external MALE ‘parts’ that makes them a FEMALE!
Any fake or ersatz ‘parts’ are not to be counted!

So-called “Transgender” activists deny the overwhelming scientific evidence that males and females are
very different in virtually every aspect of their being. These differences are innate and immutable and
go well beyond the reproductive organs that a person is born with. They include cellular, muscular, and
skeletal differences, and even include brain function, the different ways men and women perceive sight
and sound, process information, respond to aggression, display emotions and interact with children. It
simply is scientifically impossible for a person of one sex to “transition” into being the opposite sex. All
they can do is attempt to imitate the opposite sex through the use of powerful drug and hormone
therapies, and debilitating surgeries.
Then they will also be subject to medical complications including: heart disease, diabetes, and various

The Left insists there’s no difference whatsoever between boys and girls, men and women.
Connecticut is one of 18 states that allow the abomination of pitting biological boys against female
competitors who are, on average, 9% shorter; whose bones are smaller and weaker both in terms of size
and density; whose heads are smaller; whose elbows, shoulders, fingers, and pelvises are physically
different; whose torsos are longer and whose arms and legs are shorter; and, critically, whose
bodies have a significantly smaller proportion of muscle mass. But hey, that’s just the science talking.

Tulsi Gabbard ��
Title IX is a historic law that positively changed everything for women & girls. This video explains how,
and why I introduced the
Protect Women’s Sports Act - to clarify, uphold & strengthen the original
intent of Title IX, ensuring a level playing field for girls & women.

Biden’s insistence that “transgender women” can compete fairly against actual biological women in
sports. How will natural women have “equality and inclusion” if real women are unequally competing
against men? Studies from the British Journal of Sports Medicine show that “transwomen still had a 9%
faster mean run speed after the 1-year period of testosterone suppression that is recommended by
World Athletics for inclusion in women’s events.” These biological males have a severely unfair,
genetically unmatched advantage.

Gender Dysphoria is a stupid and dangerous FAD (like the
“Tide Pod Challenge”) that has been
promulgated by Leftists and designed as a form of post-birth ‘abortion’ to prevent the next generation,
because all that really happens is the kids become neutered! No longer male or female!

One could say that there are now FOUR ‘Genders’: Male, Female, and the ‘genders’ of
Neutered ‘Male’, and Neutered ‘Female’.

Leftists have an overwhelming NEED to divide everyone into separate categories.
Wikipedia quote: CISGENDER
“Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth. For example,
someone who identifies as a woman and was assigned female at birth is a cisgender woman. The term
cisgender is the opposite of the word transgender. Related terms include cissexism and cisnormativity.”
“It is used as a label for ‘individuals who have a match between the gender they were assigned at birth,
their bodies, and their personal identity’”
“Assigned at Birth” like it was some kind of VARIABLE OPTION?
Perhaps Leftists will start to “assign” new-borns as some other species?
“Congratulations it’s an octopus!” or “Congratulations it’s pine tree!” “No, it’s NOT, we wanted an
How terrible! Your mom’s obstetrician, your pediatrician and your parents all got it right and you are
now to be badgered, bullied, derided, and tormented by LGBTQ Activists for being LABELED by
them, as being NORMAL!

The entire idea of “gender identity” is a made-up concept that does not exist in the real world in which
we live. It’s a creature of the elites who have been seeking to impose it through indoctrination,
intimidation and political correctness. In the real world, we live by a set of immutable rules that help
define our physical reality – there’s a thing called gravity, the body requires food and water to survive,
we must breathe to oxygenate ourselves, etc. One of those immutable rules in the real world is that each
of us are born either male or female.
Our sex is a biological reality that cannot be changed by
identity, expression, desire, or feelings.

Another immutable biological reality among humans is RACE, can you change your Race just because
you ‘Think’ you are of another Race? Following this line of abject silliness, can you change your shoe
size? If you have size 16 feet, should you be able to sue a shoe store for not properly and comfortably
fitting you into a size 8? Perhaps instead, you could get your feet surgically trimmed down to a size 8?
Of course, you will never be able to walk right again, but that’s OK! You have had your deepest wish
fulfilled, you can now show-off your new size 8 feet… from your wheelchair.
Before you react to this statement know that the entire “Transgender” movement is just as SILLY!

Despite the utter incongruity of the concept of gender “identity”, the movement to impose it
is powerful, well-connected, and influential. Many people who disagree with it are not interested in
publicly talking about the issue for fear of being labeled a “hater”. So, they quietly roll their eyes, go
about their business and hope that it somehow won’t ever affect them.

The deceptively named
“Equality Act”, which amends the Civil Rights Act to include “Sexual
Orientation and Gender Identity”
(shortened to SOGI). For enabling SOGGY brained individuals!
If you are confused about what gender or sex you are, just check in your pants, that will clue you in
every time! There, you will discover your true “Gender Identity” anything else is a delusion!
  • Not all 4-year (or more) College "Educated" persons have an Education
  • Not all Educated persons have been through a 4-year College!

"Equality Act" - passed the House of Representatives on May 17, 2019. This dangerous and
sweeping legislation has nothing to do with “equality”, and everything to do with coercion and
establishing special rights for certain individuals at the expense of the basic constitutional rights of
countless other Americans. The bill outrageously declares that the belief – held throughout human
history since the dawn of time, and practiced by virtually every major religion – that marriage is a
relationship between one man and one woman, to be a "sex stereotype." Since sex discrimination would
include so-called discrimination based on sex stereotypes, the legislation purports to make acting on
one's belief in traditional marriage to be illegal discrimination. The bill opens up intimate shared
facilities, like bathrooms and locker rooms, to any individual based on perceived or FEIGNED "gender
identity" rather than biological sex, which is an invasion of privacy for girls and women. The bill forces
female athletes at all levels to compete against biological males with an unfair advantage, eviscerating the
intended protections of Title IX meant to provide women and girls a fair playing field in athletic
competitions. The bill institutes a mandate for radical curriculum that would teach children as young as
kindergarten about things like gender dysphoria. The bill would deny medical professionals their basic
conscience rights and force them to engage in procedures and treatments like abortion or sexual
reassignment surgery even if they hold deep convictions opposed to such actions.

X-rays don’t lie... Blood samples don’t lie... Tissue cells don’t lie... Even when you look at those from
an anonymous patient... They will ALWAYS rat you out and scream: “Hey, I AM A MAN!” (who is
sick and mutilated himself) Or: “Hey, I AM A WOMAN!” (who is sick and mutilated herself) Every
cell in your body screams the TRUTH!
No medical treatment can actually transform anyone into the opposite sex. Doctors tell us that “every
cell has a sex,” and no treatment can change every cell in the human body.

Transgender activists insist the only acceptable way to treat gender dysphoria is with puberty blockers,
cross-sex hormones, and surgery. But is it really good practice to turn children into life-long medical
patients? We are talking about powerful drugs that have many negative side effects and surgeries that
amputate healthy body parts. And in most cases, they are not necessary: Studies show that 80 to 95
percent of so-called Transgendered children come to accept their natural biological sex as their
hormones change during puberty… IF they are allowed to go through the natural puberty process!

Transgender Delusions Debunked by Dr. Cretella

Yet in no other area of life are parents expected to simply accede to a child’s weird version of “reality”.
There is no other medical condition that a child can self-diagnose, that has no objective test, and where
parents are pushed into blindly allowing life-altering medications and surgeries.

Many children change their minds later, but if a “loving” Parent has had them physically or chemically
“castrated”, it’s much too late! Enabling stupidity and delusions is stupid and delusional… and cruel!
Parents will need to show them neither OVERT “Support” or “Condemnation”. You will need to just
let them work it out for themselves. However, Leftists have made it a Criminal Offence to council the
person on their transgender mental delusions!

Sick parents who push their child into ‘presenting’ as the opposite gender.
“What Is Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy?”
The Munchausen Syndrome is a mental disorder that causes a person with a deep-seated need for
attention to fake sickness or injury.
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSP) is a disorder in which the
caretaker of a child either makes up fake symptoms or the parent causes real symptoms to make it
appear as though the child is injured or ill. The term “by proxy” means “through a substitute.” Though
MSP is primarily a mental illness, it’s also considered a form of severe child abuse.
BTW: There is no such thing as Transsexual, or ‘gender dysphoric’, it is only people with mental

Sex or gender is definitely NOT
“Assigned at Birth”! Your mother’s gynecologist was not stupid and
made an error, nor were you parents and your pediatrician imbeciles!
You are the sex that God "assigned" to you at your conception, your DNA was set for LIFE the moment
you were conceived!
There are at least 6,500 Genetic differences between Male and Female and every cell in the body
proclaims the difference! Surgery, hormones, drugs, or 'feelings' cannot and will not change those
scientific FACTS!

“A young child does not understand the difference between reality and fantasy. If you inform a 4-year-
old that Spider-Man isn’t real, he literally will not know what you mean. So, if your young boy says he’s
really a girl, the statement has no objective meaning whatsoever.” —Matt Walsh

Cardinal Raymond Burke has stated: “Gender theory is an invention, an artificial creation. It is
impossible to have an identity that does not respect the proper nature of man and that of women.  It is
madness that will cause immense damage in society and in the lives of those who support this theory.”

Now if you think that other people should go along with this insanity, you are the one who is insane!

(BIID) is a medical condition in which the patient feels compelled to amputate one or more healthy
limbs or has the delusion that they are already missing a limb and are believing they are thusly
“handicapped”. Patients may also be drawn to disabilities such as blindness or paraplegia. Serious
research on
Body Integrity Identity Disorder began in the late 1990s, when psychologists recognized it
as a condition much like
Gender Identity Disorder.

When you come right down to it the so-called
“Sex Reassignment Surgery” is nothing but Cosmetic
Surgery! Just self-neutered people, who become neither male nor female… or anything else! They are
self-castrated through drugs and surgery!
No matter how or what you try: surgical sex organ mutilation, drugs, change your name, hairstyle, and
clothing, or whatever, you just can’t reverse engineer those xx and xy chromosomes into something else.
The internal organs are not replaced, they are removed or altered into some ersatz NON-
FUNCTIONING component! Only the APPEARANCE of the outer organs is what is changed! You
are now gender-nullified, neither male nor female. Your ‘sexual experience’ in your newly chosen
preferred “gender” will be far distant from the pleasures of what is considered as ‘normal and natural’,
or even Homosexual! God Himself gave those chromosomes to you at the moment of your conception.

In a sexual species, there are two sexes, MALE and FEMALE.
99.93% of all humans have either the XX or XY sex chromosomes, the remaining 0.07% are mutations,
or less than 14.3 out of one million people! A ‘mutation’ is not a separate gender or sex. Given that
there is a bit less than 329 million Americans in the USA means that there are just 4,700 people with
varying degrees of  gender mutations, that would average to only about 94 people per State! All of these
mutations would be of many differing varieties and degrees, but this does not mean they would ALL
want to be “Transgendered”.

Being one sex and thinking you’re the other is a psychological disorder.
Mandating a widespread enabling of a psychological disorder is sociopathic.

Leftists think that injecting cattle with growth hormones is evil, but injecting kids with hormones to
supposedly “change their gender” is just fine! Thus, proving once again, beyond any shadow of a doubt,
that Leftism is a Mental Disease!

Ben Shapiro, who said of transgender people: “Biology is biology; men can’t magically become women
and women can’t magically become men”.
All that is accomplished is to change the outer appearance; nothing internal is changed, except for what
is removed. There are no new working ‘parts’ added or replaced!

An individual can no more change his sex than change his species. In truth, there are no
“transgendered”. A man can dress and talk like a woman. He can get the mainstream media to coo over
his choice (which supposedly allows him to escape the inescapable bonds of biology) and the cultural
left to bestow coveted victim status on him. Activists can intimidate school districts into allowing him
access to the toilets and showers of the opposite sex. He can even have himself surgically altered to
‘resemble’ a woman. But, he can’t change his genetic makeup. The XY chromosomes, which make
him male, will remain. All he has accomplished is getting himself surgically castrated. The exact same
goes for women who think they are men.

Studies prove that the belief in “innate gender identity” the idea that “feminized” or “masculinized”
brains can be trapped in the wrong body from before birth is a myth that has no basis in science. If it
were true that your brain could be “trapped in the wrong body”, then the Identical Twin Studies, would
have shown that BOTH Twins were “Transgendered”, not just ONE!

Doctor Destroys Transgenderism with Simple Science
“There’s no such thing as a civil right to a mental illness.”

Transgender Interventions Harm Children

Gender Confusion and Transgender Identity

Deconstructing Transgender Pediatrics

Physical and psychological well-being should be a grave concern, given that 42 percent of transgender
people will attempt suicide at some point in their lives, and people who have had sex reassignment
surgery are approximately 20 times more likely than the general population to die by suicide.  

The damage being done by the Left’s war on gender is also having a devastating effect on “transgender”
individuals. A recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics found alarmingly high
rates of attempted suicide among teens suffering from the so-called “gender dysphoria”.

The most comprehensive study ever conducted on suicide by those attempting to transform their
gender was a 30-year Swedish study that concluded those doing so were 20 times more likely to commit
suicide and 2.8 times more likely to be hospitalized for a psychiatric illness. It should be noted that
Sweden is also one of the most “trans-friendly” cultures in the world, making these numbers even more

Fully half of all adolescents who are born female but instead, “self-identify” as male will attempt suicide.
The rate of attempted suicide among those born male but “self-identifying” as female was 30%. And
over 40% of adolescents who “identify” as gender nonconforming that is neither male nor female
attempted suicide.

Leftists have passed Laws to legally prevent people from getting the help they most desperately NEED,
even if they themselves desperately WANT it! They ban the ability of individuals to receive counseling
or therapy to avoid unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction. Anyone rendering assistance is in violation
of that Law. Leftists could not care less about the 42% suicide rate!

Lost in all of this outrage-generating, ‘politically correct’ insanity is that actual people are suffering from
our collective trip down the gender-identity rabbit hole. Sex/gender is not “assigned” at birth; it is
determined by the DNA of the newly created life at conception. And if every cell in a person’s body
carries the XY chromosome, then that person is male, period, and indulging the fiction that a male can
become a female, or vice versa, is actually cruel and harmful.
Transgenders (those suffering from the so-called ‘gender dysphoria’) have a suicide-attempt rate of more
than 40% over their lifetimes (even post-surgery), as compared to less than 5% for the general
population. Treating their disorder as normal, and even worthy of celebration, is making the problem
Those suffering from ‘gender dysphoria’ should be treated kindly and aided in getting the treatment
they need so that their minds are not constantly at war with their bodies. To do otherwise — is to value
an ideology more than life.

The so-called “Transgenders” and those of the other 73 different and assorted “sexes” need to wear a T-
shirt identifying exactly which “gender” they are self-identifying as, today, and by what they are
supposed to be “properly” referred to!
Otherwise, they just need to just go away, and leave normal people alone!

It’s time to put a stop to this Leftist social engineering. Lives are at stake, and our society is paying an
immense price. It’s one thing if these Leftists want to live in a fantasy world of their own, but we must
draw the line when they force everyone else to submit to their delusions.

Now some “Transgenders” want doctors to “put-it-all-back-as-it-was” because they are unhappy with
their new life and their decision to become a transgendered person.
Well, DUH!
What do they expect from what is essentially Cosmetic Surgery?
They have only changed the outward appearance of their bodies!
They have had healthy working body parts removed or completely reconfigured into non-working
ersatz imitation versions of the opposite gender. Now they want to put-it-all-back!
Sorry, that train has left the station, never to return!
However, their Chromosomes and DNA will remain EXACTLY same as it was at conception, which is
something that cannot be altered!

There are very few normal heterosexual people who would ever consider dating, let alone to marry such
a FAKE “man” or FAKE “woman”. Though, perhaps, two such altered versions of people might want
to… Either way, performing any kind of sexual act will be a far cry from the experience of natural
heterosexual or even homosexual sex. That is irrevocably GONE!

Then they want a doctor to put it all back as it was… Impossible!
Those WORKING body parts are irrevocably gone!
Can a tree surgeon put back the tree-limbs that he has just cut-off, if you change your mind?

Doctors can now grow an outer ear from your own cells, and attach it to your body, but if you were deaf
in that ear before the surgery, (Weather you had an outer ear or not) you will still be just as deaf as you
were before!

The doctors may be able to once again do another whack-job making the person into an ersatz “man”
from the ersatz “woman” that the FAKE “female” was! Or, an ersatz “woman” from the ersatz “man”
that the FAKE “male” was! Either way they are only FAKE non-functional sexual versions of real

pResident Obozo wanted these weirdos in the USA Military so they could get FREE “sex change
operations” (at around $50,000 each) plus the expensive pharmacological upkeep for LIFE, all on the

However, imbeciles and Leftists (yes, I repeat myself) should not be capable of reproduction, but with
all of this homosexualism, transgenderism, and abortion... they are doing a bang-up job of it themselves!
“If you don't think it's child abuse to chemically castrate a sweet innocent child ... by forcing him to take
puberty-blocking medication that is given to CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS, then I don't know a
more diplomatic way to say this... you are a monster.” —Liz Wheeler

Authors of Largest Gender ‘Transition’ Study Forced to Admit the Uncomfortable Truth
A 2019 study that painted a rosy picture of the mental health benefits for individuals who undergo
gender reassignment surgery was wrong, its authors have said in a published correction.

The correction, published by the American Journal of Psychiatry, concluded that after reviewing how
the original study’s numbers were crunched, “the conclusion that ‘the longitudinal association between
gender-affirming surgery and lower use of mental health treatment lends support to the decision to
provide gender-affirming surgeries to transgender individuals who seek them’ is too strong.”

In an Op-Ed published by the Heritage Foundation, Ryan T. Anderson wrote that the study’s authors
now admit that “the results demonstrated no advantage of surgery in relation to subsequent mood or
anxiety disorder-related health care.”

To Conservatives: We must cease using Leftist terminology, when we do, we are buying into Leftist
thought. A so-called “Transgendered Male” is NOT a “Male” and never will be! It is now just an ‘IT’,
who was born female and just pretends to be ‘male’!

You have permission to copy and use this document as long as you retain this statement, crediting the

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