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Almost everything you see on TV and movies… It just doesn’t work that way!
How about a bit more Science, in the Science Fiction?
Perhaps the most efficient spaceship configuration is a SPHERE, (even a ‘Borg’ CUBE) for deep-space
spaceships because it would contain the most internal spacial area, as well as the least amount of surface area,
mass versus volume. There is no need or use for wings or aerodynamic configurations unless the spacecraft
is designed to be flown in an atmosphere and/or landed on the ground like an airplane.
TV and Movie Spaceships are very COOL looking! However “Cool Looking” does not cut-it when it comes to
efficiency. The video producers have reasoned that a pointed bow or a wedge shape would be very efficient as
a war machine.
(Like the Imperial I-class ‘Star Destroyer’ that was chasing Princess Leia at the beginning of  
Star Wars, ‘A New Hope’.) All your weapons are mounted along the sides in ‘pill boxes’. It would allow you
to aim ALL of your weapons at a single point directly in front of the ship.
  • That is really great, but only if you are the one doing the chasing!
  • Crossing the T or Capping the T is a classic naval warfare tactic used from the late 19th to mid 20th
    centuries, in which a line of warships crosses in front of a line of enemy ships, allowing the crossing line
    to bring all their guns to bear while receiving fire from only the forward guns of the enemy. (Wikipedia)
However, if you are being followed, having all or most of your weapons only able to be aimed to the front,
, and somewhat to the rear, then your propulsion system will take a pounding! Except for any weapons
designed and placed in the rear of the craft, you would not be able to return a devastating fire.
A spherical
Spacecraft in war is
a good compromise, half of your weapons can be aimed in any one direction at a time.

“Any direction away from the center of a source of gravity” such as a planet or star.
Or as here on Earth:
“Any direction away from the center of the earth”.
However, once you get far enough out into a zone of free fall or into orbit, there is no such thing as ‘up’ or
‘down’. A spaceship under acceleration does have an artificial gravity throughout the entire craft: However,
the force of this “gravity” is solely dependent upon the amount of acceleration. “Up” would be the direction
of travel, and “Down” would be toward the engine’s thrust.
Otherwise rotating all or part of the craft around its length will create an artificial gravity. “Down” would be
towards the outer hull, with the most gravity being the ‘floor” nearest the outer hull, and the least amount of
gravity, to zero gravity being along the center-line. All ‘floors’ would be curved inward, it would appear as
if you are in the bottom of a valley, from the vantage point of an observer on the floor. This is the only
possible way to induce anything simulating gravity as science can produce today.
HOORAY! Some Science Fiction Movies get this right, such as: 2001: A Space Odyssey, filmed in 1968!

TV and movie “Spacecraft” cannot behave like that in real life. You can’t fly in a circle or a curved line,
(There is nothing in Space to get the required friction.) On the opening credits of
“Star Trek: Enterprise”,
the Enterprise is shown as doing several ‘banking turns’, this is quite IMPOSSIBLE to do in outer space!
Sure you can use the steering rockets to turn the spacecraft, but you have not done anything to change the
direction of travel, by simply rotating the axis! All that you have done is to rotate the craft. Then you must
accelerate in that direction, but you are still not traveling in the direction your spacecraft is pointed!
(More on
that below*)
Of course, orbiting is certainly possible, but only IF the object being orbited has enough gravity to
allow that! If you could orbit a small moon, it would need to be very low and slow. The faster you travel in
an orbit the farther out away from the orbited body you would travel, until you head out in a straight line.
Sure, science may somehow find a way to invent a method of
“Inertia Dampeners” and true “Artificial
but as for now, no one has a clue as to what those scientific principles would be based upon. It is
entirely fictional. A true artificial gravity would simulate the conditions on Earth, so that you could not detect
any difference whether in a spaceship or on the ground, like in most Science Fiction movies, because it is
very expensive to simulate Zero Gravity!

In Movies and TV, the spacecraft are shown to accelerate and decelerate at what would be extremely high
G-Force rates that are impossible for people to withstand.
Therefore, the writers ‘invented’ “Inertia Dampening” this would be required to keep everything from
smashing into the front or rear bulkheads, like a bug splattered on your car windshield. However, using
known scientific principles a spacecraft should not change its rate of speed beyond about Three G-Forces.
In the world of Science Fiction Movies and TV the actual G-Force as indicated, would many times greater.
At a G-Force of 3 times the normal gravity, a person weighing 200 pounds would then weigh 600 pounds, at
10 G the same person would weigh 2000 pounds!
Now try to operate the controls... let alone breathe!

Going Warp 500? On Star Trek they show ‘stars’ whizzing past a window at many stars per second.
Considering that in
our Milky Way Galaxy the average distance between stars is around 5.5 light-years.
To accomplish this, the Enterprise would have to be traveling at many times that distance per second!
“Anyone care to visit the Andromeda Galaxy for lunch?”

Sir Isaac Newton's three laws of motion:
    (1.) An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force. An object in motion
    continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced
    force. This law is often called "the law of inertia".

    (2.) Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass (of the object being
    accelerated) the greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object)

    (3.) For every action there is an equal and opposite re-action.

*In space, changing direction to a new heading requires that unless you first LOSE all of your previous
momenta, you will continue in the direction that you were originally heading, but now you would
be including the new acceleration direction of travel, but that is not your heading!
Think of a graph showing a straight horizontal line from the left near the bottom, to the right edge is your
current heading and destination, now draw a line somewhere near the middle going straight up from your
original line. That is your new acceleration direction, but is NOT your heading! Because you have not lost
any of the original direction and heading or speed, considering that IF you were now accelerating in the new
direction and blasting for just as long and with the same power as you used previously, then the new heading
and destination would be approximately 45 degrees from the original heading and about 45 degrees from the
new acceleration direction. Just about halfway in between! Why the approximation and not exactly? It is
because you had to accelerate from Zero to your resulting full speed in the new direction. Of course, any
difference in thrust (time or power) between the old and new acceleration would change your actual heading
and destination.

When using the any of the eight steering thrusters to adjust your heading, you would use one or two of the
four thrusters in both the front and the stern (if using two, on an end, they would be at 90 degrees from each
other) while also using the ones on the opposite sides in the stern.
Then to halt the course adjustment from setting up a continuous spin, you must use all the thrusters on the
opposite-sides at the exact same thrust and duration.   
--Newton’s Third Law
However you must still accelerate in that new heading direction, or you will not be going in that direction!

You lose momentum the same way you gained it, but by reversing your direction of thrust. You cannot just
“Come to a halt” all of a sudden! (“All engines stop” as in Star Trek, you’ll just keep coasting along as in:
Newton’s First Law) Neither can you turn around and immediately go back the way you came. You can stop
the engine but you can’t stop the momentum that way! It takes just as much time to lose your speed, as it did to
be at your then current speed, or employing a humongous increase of the use of energy, to slow down to an
eventual stop. Just as you can’t stop a car that is going downhill, by putting it in neutral and shutting off its

Continuous acceleration is NOT required! Even a rock in space needs no acceleration to keep moving,
except for what it was originally given. It will just keep traveling on at its constant speed until eventually
affected by gravity or collision. You blast your engine until you get up to the speed you want to travel then
stop accelerating (Using precious fuel). You then coast, until it is time to reverse the spaceship and blast in
the opposite direction of travel. This is the way you stop your movement at your destination.
First Law

The heavier a rocket is, the more fuel and thrust it takes to get off the ground, and requires an exponentially
increasing fuel supply to push it up to orbital height.
There is always a point of diminishing returns, until you reach the point that the rocket
engine has not enough
power or thrust to launch the rocket. However, (unlike a toy rocket, that fires like an
arrow), that is the proper
place to start from, just below the point of the rocket engine’s ability to launch.

That is why a ground launched rocket lifts of so slowly, and gain momentum as it burns off the fuel weight.
Otherwise the G-Force would crush you immediately upon launch.
--Newton’s Second Law

would be completely different from the movies and TV. They would be over and done
with rather quickly. The tactics
at the beginning are not very complicated. It would be very difficult to come
along side of them for any length of time, matching speed and direction.
No matter what direction you approach
your quarry from, including from behind. (You would necessarily have to be going faster than they are to catch
up to them
from behind.) Then you would continue to fly in a straight line past them, shooting all the way.
(If you came from behind) Now they are chasing you! Going back for a return engagement is where it gets
really complicated! It would require you to get well out of range, slow down to a stop, then come back to
where you think they
will be, by the time you get there.** You would be adjusting your heading direction
continuously because they are trying to outmaneuver you too. If you miscalculate
where they will be, you will
have a very difficult time catching up to them. Meanwhile, they are either trying
to escape from you or
outmaneuver you, to attack you.
Unlike in the movies, blown-up spacecraft that were in high orbit outside of the atmosphere do not immediately
fall away to crash
to the ground!

**Whenever you maneuver in space, you must head to where the location of your destination will be, by the
time you get there, not to where it is now!

FIRE is certainly possible in space, as long as there is sufficient oxygen or an oxidizing agent to burn…
certain materials will even burn underwater.
Or do you believe that rockets don’t work in space?
A spacecraft that has a hole breach that is open to space, will quickly vent all available atmosphere, but until
the oxygen is depleted to 16% any fire will continue to burn, then it will self-extinguish… except for any
fires burning a self-oxidizing material.

EXPLOSIONS IN SPACE: Due to the fact that explosions have a shockwave effect, and you are in a
breathable atmosphere, the shockwave would impact on your spacecraft and the air
and the material that the
spacecraft is made from,
would convert that back into sound.

A SPHERICAL SPACESHIP would be built on the same “highly rigid and light-weight structure as
geodesic dome, which is a hemispherical thin-shell structure (lattice-shell) based on a geodesic polyhedron.
The triangular elements of the dome are structurally rigid and distribute the structural stress throughout the
structure, making geodesic domes able to withstand very heavy loads for their size.”

There would very few external main structural components, and they would all be the same, size and shape,
greatly simplifying construction and transport to the space port construction site.

One other reason for a spherical spaceship is because it is easier to steer, using eight rotating or
omnidirectional steering rockets, you can change your direction of heading with the least amount of stress
on the ship’s structure.

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
If you saw one nearby, would you know if you are in actual danger or which
direction to go, to escape?
Many people have ‘fled’ to where the tornado is going!
Important FACTS…
Tornadoes almost always travel from the South-West to the North-East.
Know this to escape in the right direction! Or stay put where you are!


Proof? Do a photo web search on “Tornado Path Map”

What they WON’T tell you about tornadoes is:
The overwhelming percentage of tornadoes generally travel from Southwest to Northeast. They do have a
tendency to meander a bit along their path but still most maintain a general S/W to N/E direction.
If a tornado is in a general S/W direction of your location, you may very well be in its direct path.
What you don’t want to do is: fool around wasting time, trying to determine if it is coming toward you or not.
If you see a tornado, or it forms anywhere to your N/W, North, N/E, East or S/E, or less reliable South or
West of you, you may be in no danger at all from that tornado, but be careful as other tornadoes can
develop nearby.
If you see a tornado is in your South-West direction from you, try to travel an escape route preferably in a
South/East or North/West direction so you have the tornado well out of your location.

“Tornado Path Maps”

Unusual tornado track paths do occasionally occur, and they can backtrack.
Very seldom does a tornado travel due East, or North, but it can happen.

I found one tornado that did the opposite of the norm and traveled from the N/W to the S/E, and then it
traveled right along a road in the S/E direction.
(But that map seems to no longer exist on the Internet)

This is a rendering of a track map of tornadoes in Alabama showing the tornadoes starting points, and all
kinds of different track directions. Including a reverse from the normal direction going N/E to S/W. Once
again for the overwhelming number of tornadoes the normal track runs from the Southwest to the Northeast.

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
How can anyone TODAY believe the earth is flat? #ShowMeTheEdge!
Yet it is now more believed than any time in the recent past!  

One ignorant Internet poster hazarded this ridiculous comment:
“I’m sorry but you’re wrong this is the age of lies being uncovered. Antarctica is not what you have been
taught, it is an ice ring that surrounds the whole earth and you or anyone else can’t just up and go there.
It is protected and guarded.
Yea you can go to a place they call Antarctica but it’s just a place they made to support the lie. Go there
and try to wander off on your own, you will find yourself in jail.”

I replied:
“The stupidity runs DEEP in this one” However, your logic is Two Dimensionally thin!
If what you say is true, how long is the perimeter of the “ice ring that surrounds the whole earth”?
It must be long enough to surround the entire “knowable” earth and all of its known seas and continents!
However, the continent of Antarctica is not anywhere near that big!
You can sail around the entire continent of Antarctica, the trip is not THAT long!

Your Conspiracy Theory makes no sense!
Protected and guarded by WHO? And to what purpose?
How did “Antarctica… a place they made to support the lie” come to exist? That would be an engineering
feat to outdo all of the engineering, logistics, and security that has ever taken place in the entire history of
the world, COMBINED!

Why would they even bother to jail you in such a remote place, they would have to keep you there for LIFE,
because if they released you, what would stop you from blabbing all that you know? They would just kill
you, or let you go, far enough away from help so you freeze to death, and be done with you!
What would be the purpose of any of this?
How do you know any of this BS? Do you have any PROOF?
Either put-up or shut-up!

If there really was such a thing as a Flat Earth, we would know all about the edge already, this is the age
of technology and communication, and we would know about such a thing, if it were true, and it would be
common knowledge. People would be running up against the “Edge” or your elusive “Ice Wall” in very
unexpected places such as the Equatorial Region!

We have had ships since forever, cameras since the 1860s, airplanes since 1915, and satellites and
Spaceflight since the 1960s... It would not matter what direction you flew, or where you started from,
eventually, you would have to come to the edge… We currently have people in the International Space
Station and you can see it with your own eyes, just by looking up, according to its scheduled orbital time…
but no one has found the Edge because there is none to be found!

Airplanes and ships would be constantly bumping into the “Edge”, or how do you explain that they
“mysteriously and instantaneously get transported to the opposite ‘Edge’ and going the opposite direction
as before…” to continue on their ‘apparent’ direction of travel, without anyone noticing anything at all
Now if you believe that the above paragraph is totally ridiculous
(Which of course it is!) but still believe
in a “Flat Earth”
can you point to any starting place on Earth that you cannot fly to in a straight line
directly to any other destination, using the SHORTEST ROUTE POSSIBLE, as based on the ‘Round
Earth’ model?
Why is it that aircraft have never flown beyond the “Edge”?

Even some of the Ancient Greeks knew that the Earth was round; they saw the shadow of the Earth on the
Moon, during a Lunar Eclipse.
They even calculated the circumference of the Earth.

Did the writers of the Bible believe the Earth was flat?
• Christian Answers.Net

The logical burden of proof lies with those pushing the claim that oceans hold and display convexity. It is
an absurd claim that defies all applied, observed and reproducible reality. It is also an illogical argument
from ignorance to suppose the onus of proof lies with any other to disprove a claim that has never been
shown by a measurable substance in practical reality! The solution is simple. Apply logic and expose the
affirmative claim about reality to thorough and critical attempts at refutation. Failure to do so is anti-
intellectual, anti-scholarly and anti-scientific.
Again, ALL claims about reality are required to be shown by practical examples of a measurable substance
that meet the observable, testable and repeatable nature of the scientific method. Failure to provide such
examples, offering logical fallacies and continuing to push preposterous claims, then expecting others to
“believe” or “disprove” your ignorance rather than you yourself scientifically verifying this for yourselves,
and everyone else… is the behavior of a deceptive and zealous “religious” cult. Where are the practical
examples of bodies of water naturally conforming to the exterior of shapes? - Beyond Belief!
OK, Flat Earther’s... NOW Put-up, or Shut-up!
Show us the EDGE!
It would have to be a very L O N G edge!
...or shut up your STUPIDITY!

GUESS WHAT? He never replied!

One final word: “The only thing Flat Earther’s have to fear, is ‘sphere’ itself!”

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
Wolves – and Trophy Hunting
Human “Trophy Hunting” takes out the largest and most physically fit adults, those who are the most
viable breeding stock for the species.
Trophy hunters perpetuate the declining of the animal gene pool by killing off the best specimens first.
Hunters then eradicate their opposition: the natural predators.
Both of these actions weakens the herds in the long run.
‘top-down’ trophy hunters perpetuate the growth of weak herds of ungulates that then devastate the
ecological environment that they live in, because of lesser viable breeding stock, combined with the lack
of predators. The herds then overstay their then current locations, overeating and trampling the riparian
vegetation and stream edges, before they move on.

Before wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone NP, the ungulates would overstay in one location, and
wear-out the land and the food sources, before they moved on.
After the wolves came back, that all changed, now the deer, elk, and buffalo keep on the move, as is their
natural tendency.
NO MORE fat lazy animals!
Their overall health and the health of the vegetation and land features improved too, because of the natural
‘bottom-up’ culling that predators do.

Wolves, lions, and other top predators take out the diseased, old, sick, weak, injured, and young.
By eliminating the diseased, old, sick, weak, and injured, any diseases present are also eliminated or put in
check and less likely to be transferred to other herd members, whatever their current health situation.
This improves the herd in the long run.
Let us help four-legged hunters to survive; they are the keepers of our environment!
If we MUST hunt, we need to hunt more like the wolves!

The lonesome howl of a gray wolf may conjure romantic images of the American West, but the species has
long been targeted for eradication.
In the 1900s, gray wolves were trapped, poisoned, hunted, and otherwise largely eliminated from the Lower
48 of the United States. In 1960 no more than 800 remained of a wolf population that had once numbered in
the hundreds of thousands.

Killing Wolves Backfires
A recent study out of the scientific journal reports that killing a wolf that preys on sheep or cattle is not
the best strategy to protect the livestock.
Courtney Holden - Dec 15, 2014  

One doubtful Internet poster claimed for proof, he wanted me to provide him with link to a ‘Peer Reviewed
Scientific Study’ on this, I answered back:
“We don’t need to spend 5 million dollars on a “Scientific Peer-Reviewed Study”
(then toss out the results, because: “We didn’t like the results that we got!”) To PROVE the OBVIOUS!
Well, DUH!
  • (Q.) Killing from the top-down of the breeding males, leaves what?
    (A.) Lesser genetically viable males to breed!
  • (Q.) Killing the natural predators, leaves what?
    (A.) An unhealthy heard and an unhealthy environment!

My first impression of a live wolf was at the San Diego Zoo, where they had a temporary wire fence,
with no fence posts, surrounding a small tree… located on the pedestrian walkway… inside was a lone
adult wolf and a young female Zoo Staff Member… who was sitting down.

There is no documented evidence of healthy, non-rabid wolves EVER killing anyone...
in the history of the USA!
I have seen many photos and videos of people crawling into the dens of wolves and dragging out the pups,
while the mom stood by!

If we MUST hunt, we need to hunt more like the wolves!

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
PROOF: The Yellowstone Wolf Experiment:
“Wolf Reintroduction Changes Ecosystem”, June 2011.

Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

  • Search parameters: < Yellowstone before the reintroduction of wolves >
  • Search parameters: < trophy hunting is bad for the species >

I have about a half-dozen books on wolves and scientific wolf studies.
These books were written by scientists and wolf biologists who were studying wild wolf packs in the
natural Canadian Wilderness, for a year or more, and following the Pack’s movements across the Tundra...
while close-up near the Arctic Circle, and crawling in the wolf’s den to check on the pups, these are major
“encounters”! Many times, I have seen photos and videos of people crawling into the dens of wolves and
dragging out the pups, while the mom stood by!
Obviously, these are really dangerous animals? These
were wild wolves, not wolves who were raised by humans, and/or kept in an enclosure.

There is no documented evidence of healthy, non-rabid wolves EVER killing anyone...
in the history of the USA!

  • In the ‘The Arctic Wolf - Living with the Pack’, by L. David Mech
One of the photos shows the shadows of David Mech with his camera, and the Mom and two pups,
just a few feet away!

Some of the other books I have read and studied:
  • ‘In Praise of Wolves’, R.D. Lawrence
  • ‘The Red Snow - A Story of the Alaskan Gray Wolf’, James Greiner
  • ‘Of Wolves and Men’, Barry Holstun Lopez
  • ‘Wolves of the High Arctic’, L. David Mech

  • I also have Ernest Thompson-Seton’s “Great Historic Animals - Mainly About Wolves” written in 1937
    He is the one who also wrote:
  • LOBO THE KING OF THE CURRUMPAW in “Wild Animals I Have Known”

In Seton’s book: “…Mainly About Wolves” tells the stories of many of those infamous European killer
“wolves” from long ago, during the years of 1430 to 1764, that killed many people; they were most likely
wolf/dog hybrids. Many of those infamous European Killer Wolves were GIANT “wolves” that became
the Alpha Pack-Leaders!
What happened in Europe to change the score? Men with improved weapons! Then wolves learned to fear and
respect humans and not think of us as just another prey species.

Wolf/Dog hybrids can run the entire gambit from very doggy-like to very wolf-like and well BEYOND!
Wolfdogs may have no natural innate fear of humans. In many cases the resulting adult wolfdog may be larger
than either of its parents due to the genetic phenomenon of heterosis (commonly known as hybrid vigor).
Noted historic cases (such as the
Beast of Gévaudan) of large wolves that were abnormally aggressive toward
humans, may be attributable to wolf-dog mating. Observations on wild wolfdogs in the former Soviet Union
indicate that in a wild state these may form larger packs than pure wolves, and have greater endurance when
chasing prey.

Due to the variability inherent to their admixture, whether a wolf–dog cross should be considered more
dangerous than a dog depends on behavior specific to the individual alone rather than to wolfdogs as a group.

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
Flu Shots?
They were developed to prevent the PREVIOUS YEAR’S Flu!
The disease has further mutated by the time the current year’s ‘Flu Season’ comes along! But, this year’s flu
shots are all ready to be distributed by the time the newest version of ‘Flu’ makes its debut!
Barely effective, if at all! It was revealed on Sacramento, California’s Channel 3 KCRA News that the 2016
“Flu Shots” were just 50% effective, and the 2017 flu shots were only TEN PERCENT effective!
The station runs programming from the NBC network.

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Vaccines: The NUMBER ONE Question Is: What’s In It?     Updated: 06/18/2019  
Do you really think
“Mainlining” an infant, toddler, or small child with POISONS, TOXINS, HEAVY
METALS, and an UNSAFE assortment of ANTIBIOTICS into a child with a STILL UNDEVELOPED BRAIN
will not affect their brain development? Just go ahead and stick any damned thing in a vaccine, then select a
random combination of some of the 70 various vaccines that are recommended for children, it can’t hurt?
There is no greater example of pseudoscience than saying it is safe to inject toxic items like mercury,
aluminum and formaldehyde into any living being, much less a newborn infant or a child.

The IDEA and PRACTICE of using vaccines is GOOD, preventing disease is GOOD!
It is the PRACTICE of the Vaccine Manufacturers, adding all kinds of POISONS, TOXINS, HEAVY
COLORING and FLAVOR ENHANCERS. Then the Doctors may mix up various vaccines that may not
together, such as an ANTIBIOTIC in one, which is NEVER supposed to be used in conjunction with
different ANTIBIOTIC in another vaccine that is by Law, only supposed to be administered in a HOSPITAL
setting… Some of these ingredients require the Chemical Industry’s ‘Material Safety Data Sheets’ (MSDS)
because they are HazMat (Hazardous Materials) chemicals (such as flammable or poisonous material) that
would be a danger to life or to the environment if released without precautions, or where external or internal
bodily contact is a hazard to health…
All of this is BAD! Very Bad!

Of course, the Vaccine Manufactures are going to do everything possible to maintain the lie that “There is
nothing wrong with our vaccine formulations”
. Do you remember the lies that the Tobacco Industry
maintained for over fifty years, about smoking being
“safe”? They had many paid shills: Scientists,
Congressmen, Lobbyists, and a bevy of Lawyers on Retainer in their back pockets at the time. Profits were
so high, and the risk of being found out, was so great, that they could well afford to pay the shills and the
Lawyers Retainer fees. However, they were eventually sued for BILLIONS!

What do you think the Vaccine Industry would have to pay when it finally is proven that they have been
blatantly lying about the safety of their products? They too, have many paid shills: Scientists, Congressmen,
Lobbyists, and a bevy of Lawyers on Retainer in their back pockets. Profits are so high, and the risk of being
found out, is so great, that they can well afford to pay the shills.

However, they USED to have a bevy of Lawyers on Retainer in their back pockets… but they don’t really
need all those Lawyers anymore…
    Congress granted Big Pharma “blanket legal immunity” when it comes to vaccines.

    Big Pharma became a law unto themselves. They can put toxic ingredients in your vaccines, they can
    seriously injure your child – but you cannot sue them. “What you have to understand is that the vaccine
    regimen changed dramatically around 1989. The reason it changed, is that Congress, drowning in the
    pharmaceutical industry’s Lobbyist money, did something they have never done for any other industry –
    they gave BLANKET LEGAL IMMUNITY to all the vaccine companies.

    “So that no matter how sloppy the line protocols, no matter how absent the quality control, no matter how
    toxic the ingredients, or egregious the injury to your child, you cannot sue them.”

    “So there’s no depositions, there’s no discovery, there’s no class action suits. All of a sudden vaccines
    became enormously profitable.”

Many millions of parents will be outraged that their children have been SEVERELY and PERMANENTLY
DAMAGED beyond the ability of medical cure!
  • Instead of Big Pharma paying for their own “mistakes” it is now the TAXPAYERS DUTY to Pay!
    Because the nasty vaccines permanently damaged your child we will give you MONEY, see, we
    have now fixed everything!
The “National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program” that may or may not actually help in compensating
for vaccine injuries, it starts off by stating lies and disinformation with a disclaimer on the Home Page: “Most
people who get vaccines have no serious problems. Vaccines, like any medicines, can cause side effects, but
most are very rare and very mild. Some health problems that follow vaccinations are not caused by vaccines.”
However there are specific TIME-LIMITS “in which the first symptom or manifestation of onset or of the
significant aggravation of such injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and deaths is to occur after vaccine
administration for purposes of receiving compensation under the Program.” Sometimes it’s just ONE HOUR!
You must contact your Doctor IMMEDIATELY if you suspect anything, if you want this Government
Program to step in!         
## More on this Government Program below

Between 1989 and July 1, 2014, 3,645 compensation awards have been made by the National Vaccine Injury
Compensation Program (VICP) (amounting to over $2.7 billion in awards and $113.2 million to cover legal
costs) and 9,786 claims have been dismissed (amounting to $62.8 million paid to 4,925 dismissed claimants to
cover legal costs)  

Check out
“The Truth About Vaccines Introduction” from ANH on Vimeo.
The video is available for your viewing at  

“I'm writing to voice my vehement opposition to SB 276, which would require
physicians or surgeons to submit a standardized vaccine exemption form to the health
department, and then the health department designee would then either approve or
deny the exemption request!

This bill inappropriately interferes with the doctor-patient relationship. Government
bureaucrats who do not see patients do not have the right to insert themselves into
decisions that should be left to doctors and their patients. Do the bill's sponsors believe
that the government knows better about a patient's needs than that patient's doctor?

SB 277 all but eliminated a parent's ability to have a say in the issue of vaccination.
Now SB 276 seeks to further erode individual liberty by placing the decision to grant
medical exemptions in the hands of the government rather than doctors. This march
towards forced vaccination is completely unacceptable.

As your constituent, I urge you to OPPOSE SB 276.”

There has been an explosion in the number of vaccines that are scheduled to be given to children, going from
five in the 1960s to more than 70 now.

In 1994 Japan ceased all vaccinations in any child under 24 months, and their infant mortality rate DROPPED
by a whopping 96%!

TRIPLETS all became autistic within hours of vaccination…
See shocking video that has the vaccine industry doubling down on lies and disinformation.

One by one their “lights went out”...
In the parents own words:
    “On June 25th, 2007, we brought them in for the [vaccine] shot… we went in at 10 am. All three. My
    daughter still has the mark on her leg from the shot… we did the boys as well. By noon, Claire shut
    completely off. It was as if she was blind, and deaf, and complete failure to thrive, from super super
    happy, smiley girl to… she had full blown eye contact, and she shut right down. All she did was stare
    at the ceiling.

    At 2:00 we watched Richie shut off. All his mama, dadda, and the furniture walking and everything just
    shut off. All the giggles, all the smiles, again failure to thrive. They lost all their reflexes… they stopped
    blinking, yawning, coughing, sneezing, they lost their startle reflex… that was 2:00.

Vaccine Bombshell: Leaked Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vaccine
Dr. Harold Buttram stated:
    “It is universally recognized among toxicologists that combinations of toxic chemicals may bring
    exponential increases in toxicity; that is, two toxic chemicals in combination will bring a ten-fold or even
    a hundred-fold increase in toxicity.
    A classical example of this principle was the Schubert study [21] in which it was found that the amount
    of lead and the amount of mercury, when each was given separately, would be lethal for one percent
    (LD1) of rats tested, would become lethal for one hundred percent (LD100) of rats tested when combined.
    In vaccines this principle would apply at least to mercury and aluminum, both of which are potent

Vaccinegate: Priorix Tetra analysis - 2nd step update
This Italian report confirms Robin Goffe who stated that parasite larvae were in her son's vaccine as well as
this priorix-tretra vaccine which now is no longer allowed to be administered in Italy.

    Within the GlaxoSmithKline Priorix Tetra vaccine, Proteobacteria, Platyhelminthes worms and Nematoda,
    10 more ssRNA viruses, Microviridae (bacterial viruses or phage) and numerous retroviruses including
    endogenous human and avian retroviruses, avian viruses, human immunodeficiency virus and
    immunodeficiency virus of monkeys (fragments that if inserted into the database turn out to be fragments
    of HIV and SIV), murine (mouse) virus, horse infectious anemia virus, lymphoproliferative disease virus,
    Rous sarcoma virus. Other viruses like alphaendornavirus and hepatitis b virus, yeast virus.

From a Pro-Vaccine Medical Journal: Vaccines Can and Do Kill Some Children
The ‘Vaccines’ Medical Journal admits there is conclusive scientific evidence that vaccines can and do kill
some children.
Recent and previous studies show a clear causal relationship between vaccines and adverse health effects,
according to an analysis published in the journal Vaccines. Multiple large-scale, extensive research have been
analyzed to evaluate the link between vaccination and mortality.

## Studies show link between vaccine and disease-related deaths
Researchers have noted that vaccines trigger anaphylaxis. A 10-year analysis of claims to the U.S. National
Vaccine Injury Compensation Program
cited five cases of deaths associated with vaccine-induced
anaphylaxis. A 2003 study also revealed that about five cases of vaccine-related anaphylaxis were recorded
among children and adolescents. The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices suggests routine
screening be conducted prior to giving immunization shots. However, while anaphylaxis occurs after
vaccination, the panel also recommended that clinicians be prepared to provide necessary health care at the
event of vaccine-induced anaphylaxis.  

Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. It typically causes more
than one of the following: an itchy rash, throat or tongue swelling, shortness of breath, vomiting,
lightheadedness, and low blood pressure. These symptoms typically come on over minutes to hours. It is a
severe, whole-body allergic reaction to a chemical that has become an allergen. An allergen is a substance
that can cause an allergic reaction.

After being exposed to a substance such as bee sting venom, the person’s immune system becomes sensitized
to it. When the person is exposed to that allergen again, an allergic reaction may occur. Anaphylaxis happens
quickly after the exposure. The condition is severe and involves the whole body.

‘Godfather of Vaccines’ Admits
Using Orphans and Handicapped Children For Vaccine Experiments!
When information and evidence is presented showing that vaccines may not be as safe as we think, we tend
to respond with ridicule or silence. Let’s take
aluminum, for example. It’s been added to vaccines for
approximately 100 years without any safety testing.
There are no appropriate studies showing that aluminum
is safe to inject into a child, yet there are multiple studies that show aluminum does not exit the body, but
rather stays in the body, travelling to distant organs and
eventually ending up in the brain. This is one of
many examples that show vaccines are not as safe as they are marketed to be, but the response to these studies
is often complete silence or ridicule.

After scientists discovered that aluminum from vaccines is transported to the brain via macrophages (white
blood cells), another study was published last year looking further into this subject by studying the brains of
multiple autistic people.
When they opened the brains up, they found the highest aluminum content in
brain tissue ever measured, even more so than Alzheimer’s patients.

Several studies link some asthma cases to childhood vaccines and their timing.
In a study of 1,531 children in Manitoba, Canada, researchers found that the risk of developing asthma by the
age of seven was cut in half when the first diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT) immunization was delayed by
more than two months. Delaying all three doses of DPT vaccines cut asthma risk by 60 percent.

Medical Doctor Responds to New York Times Article Attacking Vaccine Skeptics
In the early 20th Century, infection was the number one killer of Americans and it killed a high percentage of
our youth. However, by the 1950’s infection rates for nearly every childhood vaccine- preventable illness
(as well as other infectious illnesses like scarlet fever) had drastically declined—BEFORE vaccines were
developed and mandated. In fact, for the major vaccine-preventable illnesses such as measles, mumps,
diphtheria, and pertussis, the death rate declined well over 90% BEFORE vaccines were mandated. How did
that occur? The death rate from infectious diseases declined not by vaccination, but by public health measures.
This includes providing clean water to our houses and safely removing waste products.

Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us

  • When it is treated like it was a vial of a deadly disease organism, or Ricin or Asbestos…
    “If you take that vaccine vial and break it, you have to dispose of that as hazardous waste.
    You have to evacuate the building. Why would you take that and inject it into a child?”

There are numerous additives in vaccines today including heavy metals, detergents, fixatives,
preservatives, antibiotics, flavorings, food dyes, and more. These are just some of the common
ingredients currently used in vaccines suggested for all children by the CDC:

Here is a partial list:
  • Not all vaccines contain all of these components at the same time, just some of those listed:
  • Though with the right combinations of different vaccines, your child could get them ALL at the
    same time, or multiple doses of these harmful adjuvants!
  • SOME of these ingredients may be perfectly SAFE when taken orally, however, INJECTION is an
    ABNORMAL and UNSAFE route of entry.
  • Many of these adjuvants are Hazardous Materials (HazMat) and require a “Material Safety Data Sheet”.
    While others are food products on the GRAS List, it is a list of food items that are: “Generally Recognized
    As Safe”… Safe to EAT that is. However, they have not been tested as something that is safe to INJECT!
           A Glucose or Dextrose IV is administered in hospitals as a source of nutrition, they don’t purée
  a steak dinner, or Grandma’s Chicken and Dumplings to feed to you through the IV bag, if they did,
  it would kill you!
    But it is supposed to be perfectly safe to inject any food product as an ingredient in a vaccine?

           [Why go through the time consuming and massive expense of actually TESTING something as
    SAFE as an injected ingredient of vaccines? As a vaccine manufacturing company they have BLANKET
      LEGAL IMMUNITY granted by a Congressional Act!
  • It’s not like injecting the wrong thing could give someone a lifetime of severe debilitating injuries
    or kill someone?]

  • Aluminum Phosphate (Aluminum is a known neurotoxin associated with Alzheimer’s, seizures, and
“Where does this aluminum go? Your BRAIN! What metal shows up alarmingly in the brains of Alzheimer’s
Victims?” -- You guessed it! – Dr. William Douglas, MD (And Autistic kids too!)
[Other dementia-causing heavy metal toxins include lead, cadmium, MERCURY, copper and tungsten.]
  • Polyethylene glycol (antifreeze)
  • Polyethylene glycol p-isooctylphenyl ether (Triton X-100) Ingredient in influenza vaccine (Fluzone)
    commonly used detergent in laboratories
  • 2-phenoxyethanol is used as a stabilizer or preservative in some vaccines.
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze)
  • FD&C Yellow #6 aluminum lake dye (Why does a vaccine need coloring? “Food Coloring” is
    designed to be taken by mouth, not injected into the body!)
  • Formaldehyde (which is a known Lymphatic cancer-causing agent, commonly used to embalm corpses)
    “Exposure to formaldehyde can cause joint pain, depression, headaches, chronic fatigue and a variety of
    other symptoms. In lab tests formaldehyde has caused cancer and damaged DNA.”
  • Gentamycin (antibiotic)         (Listed under Polymyxin B as not to be used together!)
  • MSG (Monosodium glutamate, a flavor enhancer. Why does an injected vaccine need flavor?
           (Could it be that they have all these Haz-Mat chemicals that they need to dispose of,
           so that everyone gets a little bit in their vaccines? Much cheaper to dispose of that way!)
  • Neomycin (antibiotic)    (Listed under Polymyxin B as not to be used together!)
    Yet sometimes they are mixed together in at least EIGHT different vaccines!
    See: Vaccine Ingredients and Manufacturer Information
  • Phenol (carbolic acid)
  • Polymyxin B (antibiotic) (See CAUTION statement)
  • Polysorbate 80 (may cause anaphylactic shock)
  • Proteins derived from calf serum, monkey kidneys, or porcine tissue.
  • Squalene** (known to cause a host of debilitating autoimmune diseases when injected)
  • Peanut Oil*** known to cause severe life threatening anaphylactic shock from Peanut Allergies, which
    was practically unknown prior to its use in vaccines!
  • Streptomycin (antibiotic)         (Listed under Polymyxin B as not to be used together!)
  • Thimerosal (a mercury compound) “…The mercury has been taken out of three vaccines, but it remains
    in the flu vaccine, and it is still in vaccines all over the world. It causes neurological damage in all its
    forms (ethyl, methyl, organic, inorganic and elemental). It is the most potent neurotoxin known to man
    that is not radioactive.
    Thimerosal | C9H9HgNaO2S - PubChem
    Thimerosal is an organomercurial compound and derivative of thiosalicyclic acid with antibacterial
    and antifungal properties [L1672]. Thimerosal, which consists of approximately 50% mercury by
    weight, has been one of the most widely used preservatives in vaccines.
  • Compounds used to disinfect medical-grade equipment. Residual cleaning fluids!

Proteins derived from the human abortive tissue.
(See NVIC’s “Which vaccines contain human protein and

No testing has ever been conducted to prove the safety of injecting the thousands of possible combinations of
over 70 different vaccines and those different adjuvants into a living body.

**What Squalene Does to Humans:
Your immune system recognizes squalene as an oil molecule native to your body. It is found throughout
your nervous system and brain. In fact, you can consume squalene in olive oil and not only will your
immune system recognize it, you will also reap the benefits of its antioxidant properties.

HOWEVER: The difference between “good” and “bad” squalene is the route by which it enters your body.
Injection is an ABNORMAL route of entry, which incites your immune system to attack all the squalene
in your body, not just the vaccine adjuvant. Just because something is safe to eat, does not mean it is also
safe to inject!
Your immune system will consequently attempt to destroy the squalene molecule wherever it finds it,
including in places where it occurs naturally, and where it is vital to the health of your nervous system.

Peanut Oil*** The difference between “good” and “bad” peanut oil, is the route by which it enters your
Injection is an ABNORMAL route of entry, which later causes your immune system to attack when
any peanut product is eaten or even when a minuscule amount is touched, or even breathed in.
Just because something is safe to eat, does not mean it is also safe to inject!

“Epidemic” level of peanut allergies now impacting America, but medical professionals won’t mention link to
vaccine adjuvants.

Peanut allergies were almost unheard of prior to the mid-1960s before it was used in Vaccines!
Kids in other countries where peanut consumption is still currently massive. Peanuts are a prime ingredient in
their baby food, yet, they don’t have anywhere near the same level of peanut allergies as American and other
Western children do. However, they don’t use Peanut Oil in their vaccines, nor is vaccination as prevalent as
it is in Western Countries.

Related: Severe childhood allergies to
PEANUTS, EGGS and DAIRY directly linked to ‘trace’ ingredients
in common vaccines.

  • The GRAS List, is a list of food items that are: “Generally Recognized As Safe”
    Safe to EAT that is. However, they have not tested to be safe to inject or smoke!

As a GRAS List item, they are not required by law to be listed as an ingredient. Examine the vaccine
ingredient lists available at the CDC. You will not see any oils listed, as they are not required to be listed,
as they are food, and to be considered to be“safe”.
Cigarettes contain up to 600 ingredients, many of these hidden ingredients are on the GRAS List, including, natural and artificial licorice flavor,
menthol, artificial milk chocolate and natural chocolate flavor, valerian root extract, vanilla extracts and the oil of patchouli…
and also many unsafe chemicals such as propylene glycol, isovaleric acid, hexanoic acid and 3-methylpentanoic acid, and phenylacetic acid!)

Polymyxin B (antibiotic) (CAUTION: when this drug is given intramuscularly and/or intrathecally.)
Intramuscular injection is the injection of a substance directly into muscle.
Intrathecal administration: is a route of administration for drugs via an injection into the spinal canal, or into
the subarachnoid space so that it reaches the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and is useful in spinal anesthesia,
chemotherapy, or pain management applications. This route is also used to introduce drugs that fight certain
infections, particularly post-neurosurgical.
It should be given only to hospitalized patients, so as to
provide constant supervision by a physician.
Neurotoxic reactions may be manifested by irritability,
weakness, drowsiness, ataxia, perioral paresthesia, numbness of the extremities, and blurring of vision.
These are usually associated with high serum levels found in patients with impaired renal function and/or

The concurrent or sequential use of other neurotoxic and/or nephrotoxic drugs with POLYMYXIN B
*, particularly bacitracin, STREPTOMYCIN*, NEOMYCIN*, kanamycin, GENTAMICIN*,
tobramycin, amikacin, cephaloridine, paromomycin, viomycin, and colistin should be avoided.
*The words that are CAPITALIZED are those antibiotics listed above…

Now just suppose that the Vaccine Industry does clean up its act on its own, which would be strong
evidence that they very were wrong to add those
‘controversial’ components in the first place.

Some “vaccines” are a total FRAUD!
“Italian Researchers find Fraud with 6-Combo Vaccine Given to Babies”

Remember how many years the Tobacco Industry testified before the Supreme Court and in
Congressional Hearings, that Tobacco was “Safe” and not a cause of Cancer?
In the 1950’s many
Tobacco advertisements featured both real and fake medical doctors shilling for Big Tobacco, and advocating
that smoking was not only
‘safe’ but ‘healthful’ too! This con-game lasted until 1998 when Big Tobacco was
finally sued.
In November 1998, the attorneys general of 46 states and four of the largest tobacco companies agreed to settle
the state cases. Terms of the settlement are referred to as the Master Settlement Agreement. Highlights include:

  • Tobacco companies agreed to refrain from engaging in certain advertising practices, particularly ad
    campaigns that marketed cigarettes towards kids.
  • Tobacco companies agreed to pay annual sums of money to the states to compensate them for health-care
    costs related to smoking (a minimum of $206 billion over the first twenty-five years).
  • The settlement created and funded the National Public Education Foundation, dedicated to reducing youth
    smoking and preventing diseases associated with smoking.
  • Tobacco companies dissolved three of the biggest tobacco industry organizations.

Now the Pharmaceutical Industry is pulling its own con-games.
However, this is the kind of crap that they are putting in our KIDS
and ADULT vaccines!
Then what are they putting in our dogs, cats, and horses vaccines
and the vaccines of the farm-raised animals that we eat?

I will leave you with this quote from Microsoft’s Bill Gates
    a known proponent of the New World Order…
“The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s heading up to about nine billion.
Now if we do a really great job on
new vaccines, health care, reproductive
health services,
we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”
                                                                                                                           (Emphasis added)

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

A Shot In The Dark
Officials are calling it the most shocking “medication dispensing” error they can ever remember.
Five New Jersey children – trying to get their vaccines under a mandatory state program – were all given the
wrong shots.
One of them is a two-year-old who may be in for the fight of his life after being accidentally injected with the
dangerous HPV vaccine Gardasil.
It’s the kind of medical mishap that would give any parent nightmares. And it may be a far more common
danger than we’ve ever been lead to believe.
We’ll probably never know just how frequently kids are mistakenly given the wrong vaccines. Vaccines they
may be too young for… or allergic to… or that their parents never approved.
But it may be happening more frequently than we’d like to imagine.

A few years back, a British doctor was found to have given 221 kids massive doses of the wrong vaccines.
Another doctor was fired after accidentally giving a 23-month-old a rubella vaccine and then trying to falsify
the child’s medical records to cover up the mistake.
And now health officials from Salem County, NJ are admitting that at least five kids got vaccinations that
should never have been injected into their young bodies.
“It’s sad and disturbing when something like this takes place,” said Julie Acton, who runs the county board.
The five kids got their vaccines through a program called “Shots for Tots” that serves children who are usually
trying to get their school vaccines under New Jersey’s mandatory vaccine program.
Two of the victims got expired shots. One got a flu vaccine he was far too young for. And officials are
admitting they don’t even know which vaccines they gave two of the kids.

But perhaps worst of all, a two-year-old was given an adult-sized dose of the HPV vaccine Gardasil
that’s been linked to 31,000 adverse events and scores of deaths.

County officials said that they don’t know what the negative health effects of that Gardasil vaccine may be on
the little boy, but he’ll be monitored for
neurological damage – a common side effect of Gardasil.

But we know that when young children are given Gardasil, the damage can be even more serious. Years ago a
healthy New Zealand boy who was just six weeks old was also given an accidental dose of Gardasil.
He eventually developed a rare and difficult to treat form of leukemia called M7 and died soon after his third
birthday. Doctors say the leukemia developed in an abnormal way they can’t quite explain, and his parents
are certain that Gardasil was the culprit.

Mary Elizabeth Williams, a New York mom, also had her under-aged daughter mistakenly injected with
Gardasil when she was supposed to get a meningitis vaccine.
“The nurse saw a preteen female in the chair, reached for the HPV vaccine Gardasil and injected her,”
-- Williams wrote.

  • It’s bad enough that countless children are being coaxed by doctors – and sometimes forced by our
    government – to line up for vaccines. And millions more kids are going to be required to get shots under
    mandatory vaccine laws being passed in states like California.

But then these same kids are at risk for medical errors that could threaten their health and even endanger their
It’s just another reminder that vaccination has far more risks than the mainstream ever admits. And we need
to be vigilant not just about which vaccines we choose for our kids, but about making sure they’re actually
getting the right shots.

To Your Good Health,
Jenny Thompson

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

The Daily Caller reveals, “A doctor who was profiled by The New York Times for his close personal and
professional relationship with
Bill and Hillary Clinton has expressed skepticism about vaccines and touted
research that found a link between childhood vaccinations and autism”.
Dr. Mark Hyman, together with co-
Robert Kennedy Jr., expounded on this suspicion in “Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak.”
According to the Caller, “In the book and in a recent TV appearance on
Dr. Oz,’ Hyman and Kennedy expressed concern that the mercury in
thimerosal, a preservative used in some vaccines, is associated with autism,
developmental delays, and certain illnesses.” As we previously noted,
parents should research the issue and be as knowledgeable as possible.
That includes finding a trustworthy doctor.

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *

Aborted Babies Fetal Tissue Stem Cell Lines in used in Vaccines
Some childhood vaccines, including the one against rubella -- which is part of the MMR vaccine given to
millions of children worldwide for measles, mumps and rubella -- is cultured in “WI-38 human diploid lung
fibroblasts,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s fact sheet on the vaccine’s ingredients.

Merck, the vaccine’s manufacturer, acknowledged that those cells were originally obtained from an electively
aborted fetus. They were used to start a cell line, which is a cell multiplied over and over again to produce
cells that are of a consistent genetic makeup. The WI-38 cell line is used as a culture to grow live viruses that
are used in vaccines.
When these vaccines were used in Africa they caused a corresponding uptick in autism following closely
behind there increase in usage among African children.

*       *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *        *
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