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Tobasco Donkeys - Sawin’ on the Strings

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Tobasco Donkeys - Sawin' Strings, 5.0

IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!

.        The Tobasco Donkeys
.                          Sawin’ On The Strings 1999




IWGBTP!      I Wana Go Back To PHILMONT!      IWGBTP!

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

Hello every body, how do you do? We're here to sing and play for you.

(1)     SAWIN’ ON THE STRINGS                    Jimmy Martin
Vocals: Andy Gerhart & Ron Power | Guitar: Andy | Fiddle: Ron | Banjo:  Mike Griffis
Bass: Bob Brown | The Hello Boys: Andy, Ron & Mike

Capo at 2nd Fret:                                                                                              Chording provided by Ben DiAnna

A                           D                 A                         E
Way back in the mountains, way back in the hills
A                    D                              A                E           A
There used to be a mountaineer they called him Fiddlin' Will
A                                         D                      A                                E
Now he could play most anything, and some said he could sing
A                             D                             A         E         A
But the one thing that he liked to best was sawin' on the strings

A                                          D
So get out the fiddle and rosin up the bow
A                                    E
Look at old Will just a-tappin' his toe
A                                         D
We'll make music ‘til the rafters ring
A                                        E                      A
The old man pickin' and sawin' on the strings

So get out the fiddle and rosin up the bow
Look at old Will just a-tappin' his toe
We'll make music ‘til the rafters ring
The old man pickin' and sawin' on the strings

When the neighbors had a shindig and they all had vittles to eat
They always had to wait on Will for the frolic to be complete
When he came down from the mountains, all the gals began to swing
Sometimes he'd pick that old five string until the break of day

So git out the five string and tighten up the hide
Tell all the old folks to get inside
We'll make music ‘til the rafters ring
The old man pickin' and a-sawin' on the strings

So git out the five string and tighten up the hide
Tell all the old folks to get inside
We'll make music ‘til the rafters ring
The old man pickin' and a-sawin' on the strings

(2)     FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN                    Marshall Tucker Band
Vocals: Eric Voss, Andy Gerhart, “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin & Peter Bingen
Guitar: Larry & Andy | Harp: Voss | Bass: Bob Brown

Em                      C
Took my family away from my Carolina home

Em                                  C
Had dreams about the west and I started to roam

Em                             C   
Six long months on that dust covered trail,

Em                                       C
They say heaven's at the end but so far it's been hell.

And there's Fire on the Mountain

Lightening in the air.

Am           C
Gold in them hills and it's

Em         C Em C
Waiting for me there.    

We was diggin' and siftin' from five to five
Sellin’ everything we had just to stay alive
Gold flowed free like the whiskey in the bar
Sinnin' was the best thing Lord, and Satan was the star.


Dance hall girls was the evenin' treat
Empty cartons and blood lined the gutters of the street
Men were shot down for the sake of fun
Or just to hear the noise of their black powder guns.                        
Some have sung it as "their 44 guns"
.                                                                                                                   Which probably makes more sense historically.

Now my widow she weeps by my grave
Tears flow free for her man, she couldn't save
Shot down in cold blood by a gun that carried fame
All for a useless and no good, worthless claim.

... waiting for me there.
... waiting for me there.

(3)     SHADY GROVE                                     (Traditional)
Vocals: Andy Gerhart & “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin | Guitar: Andy
Solo Guitar: Ron Power | Banjo: Mike Griffis | Mandolin: Ron | Bass: Bob Brown

Peaches in the summertime
Apples in the fall
If I can't have the girl I love
I don't want none at all.

Shady Grove, my little love

Shady Grove I know

Shady Grove my little love

Am                   Dm
I'm bound for Shady Grove

Wish I had a banjo string
Made of gold and twine
Every tune I'd play on it
Wish that girl was mine.


Wish I had a needle and thread
Fine as I could sew
I'd sew that pretty girl to my side
And down the road I'd go


Some come here to fiddle and dance
Some come here to tarry
Some come here to fiddle and dance
I come here to marry


* Final CHORUS *
Shady Grove, my little love
Shady Grove my darlin'
Shady Grove my little love
I'm bound for Shady Grove

(4)     PARADISE                                             John Prine
Vocals: Ron Power & “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin | Guitar: Larry | Fiddle: Ron Power

D                       G            D
When I was a child, my family would travel

A7           D
Down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born.

G              D
There's a backwoods old town that's often remembered

A7           D
So many times over my memories are worn.

D                                   G           D
And Daddy won't you take me back to Muehlenberg County,

A7       D
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay.

G             D
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking

A7        D
Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away.

We'll, sometimes we'd travel right down the Green River.
To the abandoned old prison down by Airdrie Hill
Where the air smelled like snakes, we'd shoot with our pistols
And empty pop bottles is all we would kill.


Well the coal companies came with the world's largest shovel
Now they tortured the timber, ya they stripped all the land.
And they dug for their coal ‘til the land was forsaken,
And they wrote it all down as the progress of man.


When I die let my ashes float down the Green River
Let my soul roll on up to the Rochester Dam.
I'll be half way to heaven with Paradise waiting
Just five miles away from wherever I am.

Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away.

(5)     FOGGY MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN        ** Music Only **
.                                                                           Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt
Banjo: Mike Griffis | Guitar: Andy Gerhart | Fiddle: Ron Power | Harp: Eric Voss | Bass: Bob Brown

(6)     FRIEND OF THE DEVIL                            Robert Hunter
Vocals: Reid Templeton & Alex Ave-Lallemant                 Music by Jerry Garcia and John Dawson
Guitars: Alex & Reid | Bass: Bob Brown                             Ice Nine Publishing
.                                                                                               Grateful Dead

D, Am, G, C                                                                                                 
Chording provided by Ben DiAnna

I lit out from Reno
I was trailed by twenty hounds
Didn't get to sleep that night
‘Til the morning came around

Set out running but I’ll take my time
Friend of the Devil is a friend of mine
If I get home before daylight
Am                                          D
Just might get some sleep tonight

Ran into the Devil, babe
He loaned me twenty bills
Spent that night in Utah
In a cave up in the hills


Ran down to the levee
But the Devil caught me there
He took my twenty-dollar bill
And he vanished in the air


I got two reasons why I cry
away each lonely night
First one's named sweet Anne Marie
and she's my heart's delight

Second one is prison, baby
Sheriff's on my trail
If he catches up with me
I'll spend my life in jail

Got a wife in Chino, babe
And one in Cherokee
First one says she's got my child
But it don't look like me


You can borrow from the devil
You can borrow from a friend
The devil give you twenty
When your friend got only ten


(7)     LEWIS AND CLARK                               ** Music Only ** From the
Mandolins: Ron Power & Andy Gerhart                         
Ken Burns PBS Special “Lewis and Clark”

(8)     COAL TATTOO                                       Billy Edd Wheeler
Vocals & Guitar: Andy Gerhart | Harp: Eric Voss

Em, G, D, C                                                                                                 
Chording provided by Ben DiAnna

Em                             G  D           Em
Travelin' down that coal town road.
G                        D                   Em
Listenin' to my rubber tires whine.
Em                                       G         D     Em
Goodbye to Buckeye and White Sycamore.
G                D         Em
I'm leavin' you behind.
G                                  C        G
I've been coal miner all my life.
G                                         C   D
Layin' down tracks in the hole.
G                                      C                  G
Gotta back like an ironwood, bent by the wind.
C                    D                  Em
Blood veins blue as the coal.
C                    D                  Em
Blood veins blue as the coal.

Somebody said, "That's a strange tattoo you got on the side of your head”.
I said, "That's the blueprint left by the coal. A little more and I'd been dead.
But, I love the rumble and I love the dark. I love the cool of the slate,
But, it's travelin' down this new road, lookin' for a job. Travelin' and looking I hate.
Travelin' and looking I hate.

Stood for the union, walked in the line, fought against the company.
Stood for the U. M. W. of A., who's gonna stand for me?
Got no house and I’ve got no pay, just got a worried soul
And this blue tattoo on the side of my head, left by the number nine coal.
Left by the number nine coal.

Some day when I'm dead and gone to heaven, the land of my dreams.
Not gonna worry on losin' my job, to bad times and big machines.
Not gonna pay my money away on bills and hospital plans.
I'm gonna pick coal while the blue heavens roll sing with the angel band.
Sing with the angel band.

(9)     NIGHT RIDER'S LAMENT                     Mike Burton
Vocals: Mike Griffis | Back Vocals: Peter Bingen, Mike Griffis |
Guitars: Mike & Peter | Bass: Bob Brown

Capo at 2nd Fret                                                                                          Chording provided by Ben DiAnna

Intro Guitar:



Capo at 2nd Fret:
C, F, G, Am

C                                           F
One night while I was out riding
C                                                       G
The graveyard shift, midnight ‘til dawn
F                        G                 C           Am
The moon was bright as a readin’ light
F                                 G                        C
For a letter from an old friend back home.

* CHORUS *        
variation # 1
F                  G                    C
He asked me, "Why do you ride for your money,
F                  G                      C
Tell me why do you rope for short pay?"
F                G                           C                   Am   G   F
"You ain't getting nowhere and you're losing your share.
F                           G              C
Aw, you must have gone crazy out there."

Well last night I ran onto Jenny
She's married and she has a good life
Oh you sure missed the track
When you never came back
She's a perfect professional's wife.

* CHORUS *        
variation # 2
N' she asked me, "Why do you ride for your money,
Tell me why does he rope for short pay?"
"He ain't a-getting nowhere and he’s losing his share.
Aw, he must have gone crazy out there."

Aw, but they've never seen the Northern Lights
They've never seen a hawk on the wing
They've never spent spring at the Great Divide
They've never heard old camp cookie sing.

Well, I read up the last of my letter
And I tore off the stamp for "Black Jim"
And Billy rode up to relieve me
He just looked at my letter and he grinned.

* CHORUS *        
variation # 3
He asked me, "Why do they ride for their money,
Tell me why do they rope for short pay?"
"Ain't a-getting nowhere and they’re losing their share.
Aw, they must have gone crazy out there."

Aw, but they've never seen the Northern Lights
They've never seen a hawk on the wing
They've never seen spring at the Great Divide
Aw, they've never heard old camp cookie sing.

(10)   COLFAX COUNTY JAIL                           Front Range Adapted from “Fergus County Jail”
Vocals: Ron Power | Harmony, Vocals: “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin Mike Griffis, Andy Gerhart |
Guitar: Andy | Mandolin: Ron | Banjo: Mike | Bass: Bob Brown

Em                         G
I was out a ridin' on a snowy winter's eve

D                                     Em
comin' home from the Baldy Mountain Gold.

G         D                              Em
In the tavern of the town while the sun was sinking down,

G          D                 Em
I stopped to drive away the cold,

D                         Em
rye whiskey to drive away the cold.

Em                              G
In the corner of the room sat a man with hardened eyes,

D                                 Em
and he called for to drink another round.

G             D                          Em
But the whiskey came to slow and he turned as if to go

G            D                     Em
and he dropped that ancient bar keep down,

D                                      Em
he pistol-whipped that poor man to the ground.

Em                                         G
Then he turned around to me with a smile still on his face

D                                    Em
and he slowly started walking to the door.

G                         D                                 Em
So I turned and asked him when he started beating helpless men

G             D                    Em
and he paused in the middle of the floor,

D                         Em
and someone hollered, “Even up the score”.

Em                                         G
Then he turned around to me with that gun still in his hand

D                                   Em
and I swear I saw the hammer coming down.

G                     D                                             Em
And the next thing that I knew when the smoke had cleared the room

G     D                    Em
he was lying still upon the ground,

D                                     Em
and the lawman of the town was coming 'round.

Am                        Em
I wish that I was home in old Virginia on the farm

D                       Em
Whippoorwill singing on the rail. But the wind is blowing cold

G                  D                              Em
on the New Mexico plains and I'm lying in the Colfax County Jail.

Em                                          G
Now I'm lying here tonight with these shackles on my feet and the

D                                  Em          G                   D
winter wind is screamin' past the moon. Well I know I should have run

Em              G          D                 Em
instead of fightin' with a gun. I'm much too young to die this soon,

D                                Em
this night in Colfax County's been my doom.


(11)   UGLY GIRL                                                Flatwoods String Band
Vocals: Andy Gerhart & “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin | Guitar: Andy


So always marry an ugly girl 'cause that's the only kind
She'll never ever leave you, and if she does you won't mind

My daddy married an ugly girl and thought that she'd be true
Then came along the milk man, and I am living proof


My brother married an ugly girl; he thought he had it made
Every time she got undressed, the neighbors pulled the shades


My uncle married an ugly girl, the family got uptight
They had a formal wedding, so they painted the shotgun white



My sister married an ugly girl, the family was surprised
They found out on that wedding night, that girl was an ugly guy!


(12)   GEORGETOWN                                      Gary Spehar
Vocals & Guitar: “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin | Fiddle: Ron Power | Bass: Bob Brown

C                  Am
Sitting on a white stone bridge

F                   G            C
'bout a mile from Georgetown, Colorado.

C                    Am                F
Looking at a mountain meadow that's

G                C
changing, golden brown to shadow.

F                         C    
Hundred yards behind my back is a bar

G               Am
I'd like to go and drown my sorrow

F                C
Carry my mind to an easier time,

G                  Am - F - G
Far side of tomorrow.

GFC                  F      G             C
And the river, she flows on around the bend.

Am                 F                        G
On down to Denver, where she meets a friend,

F        G                             C
Then they sail together ‘til they reach the sea.

Am                     F         G                     C
Wish I was the river, Lord, and the river was me.

Now I heard there's a man aways up the road
Knows just how to sing and play the guitar.
Sittin’ on the edge of fame and fortune,
Could have made himself a very big star.
Now he’s ridding 'round cities in a big Cadillac
Showing all the ladies a smile.
But he took all the money and he gave it right back
Kept his happy heart awhile.


Wish I was the river, Lord, and the river was me.

(13)   CATFISH JOHN                                       Bob McDill, Alan Reynolds
Vocals: Ron Power, Chorus: Andy Gerhart & Mike Griffis | Guitar & Mandolin: Andy |
Banjo: Mike | Fiddle: Ron | Bass: Bob Brown

Mama said, "Don't go near that river,
Don't be hanging around old Catfish John."
Come the morning I'd always be there,
Walkin’ in his footsteps in sweet Delta dawn.

Take me back to another home,
To a time so long ago,
Where the sweet magnolias blossomed
Cotton fields as white as snow.

Catfish John was a river hobo
Livin’ down by the river's bend,
Looking back I still remember
I was proud to be his friend.


Born in slavery down in Richmond
Traded for a chestnut mare,
Though he never spoke in anger
His old soul was hard to bear.

Walkin’ in his footsteps in sweet Delta dawn.

(14)  REASON TO BELIEVE                           Bruce Springsteen
Vocals & Harmonica: Eric Voss

G                                          C            G
Seen a man standin' over a dead dog, by the highway in a ditch

G                   C    G                            D
He's got his car door flung open, pokin' that dog with a stick

G              C                 G
He's lookin’ down kind o' puzzled, he's standin’ out on Highway Thirty One

G                      C      G     D                  G
Like if he stood there long enough, that dog get up and run

G                       C   G                     D            G
Man it struck me kind o' funny, seemed kind of funny sir to me

G                             C          G           D                    G
Now at the end of every hard-earned day, people find some reason to believe

Now, Mary Lou loved Johnny, with a love mean and true,
She said, “I’d work for you every day, and bring my money home to you”.
One day he up and left her, and ever since-a then,
She waits at the end of that dirt road, for young Johnny to come back.
Man it struck me kind o' funny, seemed kind of funny sir to me
How at the end of every hard-earned day, people find some reason to believe.

Take the baby to the river. Kyle William they called him.
They wash the baby in the water; take away little Kyle’s sins.
In a whitewash shotgun shack, an old man passes away.
They take his body to the graveyard, and over him they pray.
Oh, Man it's kind o' funny, seemed kind of funny sir to me
How at the end of every hard-earned day, people find some reason to believe.

The congregation gathers, down by the riverside.
The preacher stands with a Bible, groom stands waitin’ for his bride.
The congregation gone and the sun sets behind a weepin’ willow tree.
The groom stands alone and watches the river rush on, so effortlessly,
Oh, man now he's wonderin’, where can his baby be.
How at the end of every hard-earned day, people find some reason to believe.

(15)   SWEET PEA                                             Peter Bingen
Vocals: Peter Bingen

You’re my sweet pea, sweet pie, pookie pie,
potpie, pick-up truck, four by four.
You’re my six-pack, dance floor, hound dog,
doublewide trailer, and my back door.

You’re my tree farm, huntin' camp, sunset,
fishin' trip, tight jeans, saddle sore.
You’re my boat hitch, line dance, Achey Brakey,
boogie-woogie, hock a loogie, one and only, two by four.

So come-on pretty pudgy mama and take my calloused hand.
We'll load up the Winnebago and drive across this land.
We'll take all the back roads from here to Yellowstone.
Stay at every Yogi Jellystone,
If you be my Good Sally, I'll be your Good Sam.

You’re my corn pone, beauty queen, racetrack,
Valvoline, big screen, satellite dish.
You’re my Cole slaw, gee gaw, golly gee,
fire wood, cowboy, casserole dish.

You’re my bass boat, six gun, Slim-Jim, mud flap,
Mary Kay, honky tonk queen.
You’re my cheap beer, work boot, chicken coop,
Scout Troop, engine hanging from my tree.


(16)   THE WEIGHT                                          The Band
Vocals & Guitars: Reid Templeton, Alex Ave-Lallemant
Chorus: Trish Dailey, Reid & Alex

Pulled into Nazareth, was a feeling 'bout half past dead
Just need a place where I can lay my head
Hey, mister, can you tell me, where a man might find a bed?
He just grinned and shook my hand, "No" was all he said.

Take a load off Annie, take a load for free
Take a load off Annie, and, and, and he put the load right on me

Picked up my bags, went lookin’ for a place to hide
Now I saw Carmen and the Devil, walking side by side
Said, "Hey, Carmen, c'mon, let's go downtown"
She said, "I got to go, but my friend can stick around"


Crazy Chester followed me, and he caught me in the bar
Said, "I’ll fix you right, if you'll take ol’ Jack, my dog"
Said, "Hey, wait a minute Chester, you know, I'm a peaceful man"
Said, "That's ok, boy, just feed him when you can"


Oh, now, Miss Moses, there’s nothin' that you can say
It's just old Luke, and Luke's waitin’ on the judgment day
Well, Luke, my friend, what about young Anna Lee
Said, "Do me a favor, son, won't you stay and keep Anna Lee company"


Gonna catch the Cannonball, gonna take me on down the line
My bag is sinkin’ lord, and I do believe it's time
To get back to Miss Annie, you know she's the only one
Who sent me here, with her regards for everyone


(17)   THEME TIME                                          ** Music Only **  Traditional
Banjo: Mike Griffis | Guitar: Andy Gerhart | Fiddle: Ron Power | Bass: Bob Brown

(18)   THE BALLAD OF BILLY THE KID       Bob Dylan
Vocals & Guitar: “Dirty Larry” McLaughlin | Harp: Eric Voss | Bass: Bob Brown

There's guns across the river 'bout to pound you

A                                                D
Lawman on your trail, like to surround you

D                                        A    E
Bounty hunters dancin’ all around you

E                                           A
Billy they don't like you to be so free

Campin’ out all night on the veranda
Walkin’ in streets down by the hacienda
Up to boot hill they'd like to send ya
Billy don't you turn your back on me

Businessmen from Taos want you to go down
So they hired Mr. Garret get you to slow down
Billy you don't act like you feelin' low down
Bein' hunted by the man who was your friend

So hang on to your woman if you’ve got one
I remember in El Paso once ya shot one
Up in Santa Fe they say you bought one
Billy you've been runnin' for so long

Gypsy queens will play your grand finale
Way down in some ol’ Tularosa alley
Maybe in the Rio Pecos valley
Billy you’re so far away from home
Billy you're so far away from home
Billy you've been runnin' for so long

(19)   I DON'T MIND                                         Peter Bingen
Vocals & Guitar: Peter Bingen | Solo Guitar: Ron Power

Capo 3rd
.                C                     Em/C                      Am7
Well I am looking, I am searching, I have found
.               G            G2  F(bar)           G
Near the ground, my soul, myself, beneath this trail.
.                   C                                   Em/C
There's no other place I'd rather be.
.                 Am7      G    G2     F                            G
Can't you see me out here walkin' in the rain and hail.

C                  Em/C               Am7
Purpose of life seems to me is
G2         F                           G
Not to take yourself too seriously.
.                               C                       Em/C            Am7
I wouldn't want to be an old man sittin' in an office
.               G                 F                       G
Building someplace far away, with worry on my face.

.                      F                                                     C     Em/C
Well you can take my car, my stereo, my little money.
F                                                          C
Leave me with nothin’ but my trail family.
.               F
Take my dress up clothes, my cheap cologne,
.      Am/7                                                  G
My college loans I don't mind, I don't mind.

Well if that taxman comes lookin’ I'm at 10,000 feet
Cookin' up some oatmeal or some rice and beans.

I worship the Spirit who doesn't just look down
He looks up and through and all around,
Find Him in the rocks and trees. Cause there's no reason to pray
When you wake up every day to the sunrise over Cito Peak.

So find some ground lace up your boots start walkin'
And you will find reason, enough reason to believe.

Well you can drop your worries at the parking lot
Or way down in the city where the sun burns hot.
Although civilization is a nice place to visit,
I wouldn't want to live there.

Oh just one final paragraph of advice don't burn yourselves out.                     
- - -
Be as I am. It's not enough to fight for the land.
It's even more important to enjoy it while you can, while it's still here.

So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around.
Ramble out yonder, explore the woods, encounter the grizz,
Climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers,
Breathe deep that yet sweet lucid air.

Sit quiet for awhile contemplate the precious stillness
That mystery and awesome space enjoy yourself.
Keep your brain in your head and your head attached to your body.
Body active and alive. And I promise you this much.

I promise you this one sweet victory, over our enemies.
Over those desk bound people with their hearts in a box
And their eyes hypnotized by calculators.
I promise you this one sweet victory...

(20)   ASHOKAN FAREWELL                          ** Music Only **  Jay Ungar
Fiddle, Solo Guitar & Mandolin: Ron Power | Guitar: Andy Gerhart | Bass: Bob Brown

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP

Tobasco Donkeys
Sawin’ on the Strings
The lyric “pretty pudgy mama”
as on the CD, is now sung by
Peter as: “pretty little mama"
Airdrie” is the proper spelling of the word,
generally pronounced: "a (long a) dre (long e)",

This was determined after sending out several
queries, to people in Muehlenberg County.
Note: If you want, you may change that
last word to “TURKEYS!”          --PAF56
The Tobasco Donkeys - Sawin' On The Strings -- CD cover
According to Rod Taylor, Mike Griffis and
Andy Gerhart  it is properly sung as: ‘camp
However, on the “Donkeys" CD, it
definitely still sounds like 'Kankakee'
to me. (My Home town)
Pronounced: can ka (as in 'cup') key
or sometimes as: kank-a-key.
It is the name of a County, Town,
and a River in N-E Illinois.
But as always, sing it as you wish.
(Not on the Tobasco Donkeys CD)
-- This is a traditional song, written in the 1830's ...it has many lyrics
and many variations, developed over its long history.
Wish I had a big fine horse
Little Shady Grove to stay at home
And feed him while I'm gone.

.        ( CHORUS )

When I was a little boy
I wanted a Barlow knife
Now I want little Shady Grove
To be my little wife.

.        ( CHORUS )

Cheeks as red as the bloomin' rose
Eyes of the pertiest brown
She's the darling of my heart
Sweetest little girl in town.

.      ( CHORUS )

.        (Alternate lyrics to the one above)
Cheeks as red as the blooming rose,
Eyes of the deepest brown
You are the darling of my heart,
Stay until the sun goes down.

.      ( CHORUS )
Wish I had a glass of wine
Bread and meat for two
And give it all to you.

.        ( CHORUS )

A kiss from my little Shady Grove
Is sweet as brandy wine
And there ain't no girl in this world
That's prettier than mine.

.      ( CHORUS )

I went to see little Shady Grove
She was standing' in the door
Her shoes and stockings in her hand
And her little bare feet on the floor.

.      ( CHORUS )

.        (Alternate lyrics to the one above)
Shady Grove, my little love,
Standing at the door
Shoes and stockings in her hand,
Bare feet on the floor.

.      ( CHORUS )
( CHORUS ) alternate variation
Shady Grove, my little love
Shady Grove I say
.                     C
Shady Grove my little love
Am              Dm
I'm bound to go away
From the beginning of this
line on is an adaption of
Edward Abbey’s work.
The Tobasco Donkeys - Sawin' On The Strings -- CD cover
Edited Chords to: I Don't Mind
Second CD Cover
Original CD Cover
Jimmy Martin
Marshall Tucker Band
John Prine
** Musical Only **
Robert Hunter
** Musical Only **
Billy Edd Wheeler
Mike Burton
Front Range
Flatwoods String Band
Gary Spehar
Bob McDill, Alan Reynolds
Bruce Springsteen
Peter Bingen
The Band
** Musical Only **
Bob Dylan
Peter Bingen
** Musical Only **
Chords for: Friend of the Devil,
Coal Tattoo, Night Riders Lament
and Sawin’ On the Strings.
Third CD Cover
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confirmed the bridge and the bar were near
Empire Junction.
The “man up the road” was Tom Campbell,
and the bar was called “The Lift.”
Gary P. Nunn and “other Texas stalwarts”
used to play there.