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Philsongs - Remembered Days
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The song lyrics on this page are from the first CD issued at Philmont,
and sold by the “
Tooth of Time Traders”.

The lyrics are: “As-sung on the CD’s”, all commentary is from the original tape.

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PhilSongs Remembered Days, Version 4.4.1

IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!          IWGBTP!

Philsongs - Remembered Days 1982         Cassette Tape project started 1981)

IWGBTP!      I Wana Go Back To PHILMONT!      IWGBTP!

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

(1)     INTRODUCTION                                     John Hughs
These are songs of Philmont, ...they’re real, ...they’re authentic. They were written, sung, and
recorded by Philmont Staff Members, at Philmont and not by professional artists in a studio.
We think you will enjoy listening to the songs, and even perhaps singing along using the
Philmont Song Book and chords to help you with your guitar playing.

This tape could not have been made without the help of a great many people, especially
those who spent so many hours recording, under such primitive conditions, and of course
we want to thank the Artists who gave us permission to use their songs.

For the final taping and reproducing we want to express our appreciation to Todd Conklin,
Jim Foster, John Rudin, and John King. Where extra instruments are used, Bill Hittson, "Willy"
of the 1981 Black Mt. Staff plays fiddle, and Jim Metcalf of the ‘81 Abreu Staff is on the banjo.

(2)     MORENO VALLEY                                 Tom Munch
Tom Munch was on the Beaubian Staff in 1980, but he wrote Moreno Valley in 1976 at Christmastime.
Now here’s Tom with, Moreno Valley.

A           Bm/E         C#m/A       Bm7
Life in the mountains is living in paradise,

A         Bm/E            C#m/A    Bm7
Their sunshine and pine trees are heaven on earth.

A          Bm/E          C#m/A     Bm7
The magic that drifts on the wings of Mariah

A          Bm/E      C#m/A       Dm
Fills up my soul and abounds it in mirth.

Am    C     Am             G
Oh Mariah, voice of the mountains,

Am                C
Take me on your whispered breath

Dm7      Am
To Moreno Valley.

A       Bm/E    C#m/A             Bm7
The Sangre de Cristos explode in their grandeur,

A         Bm/E         C#m/A        Bm7
They're rugged and towering, and yet graceful too.

A             Bm/E     C#m/A      Bm7
I love Cimarron Canyon, I love Eagle Nest,

A           Bm/E          C#m/A        Dm
I climb to the rocks and look out o'er the view.

3rd Verse instrumental and hum

(3)     BLACK MOUNTAIN CABIN SONG       George Michaels
George Michaels wrote the Black Mountain Cabin Song, while he was Director
of Black Mountain Camp, in 1980. With Molly Faulkner singing harmony, and George singing the lead,
here’s George Michaels’, Black Mountain Cabin Song.

G               D
Sittin' in our cabin

C            G
On a cold and rainy night

G                D
Listenin' to the wind blow by

C           D
Trees roll out of sight.

G               D
Listen to the crackle

C          G
Of the fire in the stove

G                     D
And watch the steam arisin'

C            G
From the coffeepot it goes.

G               D
Sittin' and a thinking'

C                  G
Of the things that we have done.

G              D
Workin' and a playing'

C                G
Singin' when it’s done.

Listen to the wind blow by
Rustlin' through the trees
And listen to the clouds blow by
Hiddin' things from me.

I wish I had a lady
Sittin' by my side
Sittin' and a dreamin'
‘Til the early mornin' light.

I was Sittin' in Black Mountain
On a cold and rainy night
Listenin' to the wind blow by
Trees roll out of sight.

Ya, listen to that old wind blow by
Trees roll out of sight.

(4)     BOY OF THE MOUNTAINS                  Dave Goldfein
Dave Goldfein wrote Boy of the Mountains in 1980, while on the Ranger Staff. Dave sings the
lead in his song, and Molly Faulkner provides the harmony. Here’s Dave & Molly now, with,
Boy of the Mountain.

(We had some problems with this recording, but we think you will still enjoy
Boy of the Mountains, even if we did loose the first line.)       
(…from the original cassette tape)

(Well he's sitting on a mountain in New Mexico.)         (This is the missing line)
Wonderin' about his life and where he might go.
There's a bird floating past him so graceful and free.
He says boy of the mountains won't you listen to me.

If you’re searchin’ for tomorrow, then you'll never find today.
For life is for the living, you gotta live out each day.
If you worry about tomorrow and what the future may hold,
Then you'll just end up worrying ‘til you grow very old.

Well, the boy said that's easy for you to say.
You just float through the mountains lookin’ for prey.
No you don't have to worry ‘cause you’re so darn free.
But me, I got to find a job and raise a family.

Well, the bird floated on over and perched on a branch,
He looked at that boy and he started to laugh.
He said, kid you’ve got your needs and I’ve got mine, but one thing
We've in common is the passage of time.


Well, the bird started movin' his wings toward the sky.
Then the boy looked up to him with a tear in his eye.
He said bird, what you're saying, Ah, it makes so much sense,
For I'm crossing pastures ‘for I even reach the fence.

And the bird floated eastward across the Great Plains.
And the boy started walkin' for it began to rain.
And he’s thinking about the bird and as he looked o'er the land.
He heard boy of the mountains, now you're a man.


(5)    FRENCH HENRY                                    Greg (Doc) Walker
“Doc” Walker was Camp Director at French Henry in 1975, when he wrote this song, about that camp.
J.D. Robison & Dave Goldfein help with the harmony, and Doc sings his own, French Henry.

On the summer of ninety three
me and my poor boys workin' French Henry
diggin' and a-blastin' and a-drillin' all the while.
Gold has caught my spirit and commands my whole life style,

But the waters of the South Ponil are flowin' by.
The wind has caught the aspens and the sunlight fills the sky.
I can see the moonlight shining.
I can hear those miners mining.
Oh a miner's life is full of charms,
It's full of hardships too.
Days of workin' underground a-way from skies of blue.

I'm just a miner, and life's a simple thing
Poetry for me is made of mountains in the spring.
And I hear a blackbird cacklin’ in a rowdy kind of way.
Telling how the mountains live their life from day to day.


I hang my head with weariness, I hear the symphony.
The wind will whisper lyrics to the water's melody.
Oh, the magic of this valley sings a simple song to me.
It lulls my soul and soothes away a miner's misery.


Oh a miner's life is full of charms,
It's full of hardships too.
Days of workin' underground a-way from skies of blue.

(6)     ME & MY GUITAR                                  Ricky W. Maxey
Ricky Maxy wrote Me and My Guitar in 1981, while he was a Member of the News and Information Staff.
Here now Ricky sings his own song, Me and My Guitar.

Sittin’ here all alone, with no one else around,
I pick up my old guitar and I sit right down.
Think about the friends I've had, and folks I've never knew,
Places where I've been, and those I’m going to.

But I'm sittin’ here all alone, with no one else around,
Just me and this old guitar and the lonesome sounds.
And I fall into a dream ‘bout a place far, far away,
High above a mountaintop, slowly looking down.

But I'm sittin’ here all alone, with no one else around,
Just me and this old guitar and lonesome dreams.

Me, and this old guitar.

(7)     BLACK MOUNTAIN                                Mark Rom
While Mark Rom was Director of Black Mountain Camp in 1979, he wrote the song, Black Mountain.
The Black Mountain Staff Members mentioned in the song are: Tony Girard as "Snake",
Tom Thomas as "Tom", Mark Rom as "Zack", Peter Wienrick as "Ise" short for Isaiah,
and Roddy Hobbs as "Early". Tom Munch sings, Black Mountain

G     C   D2  C                      D2=C played up 2 frets
I love Black Mountain

G          C
Cabin so right,

C            D
Roof that's tight

G                    C     D2
Make you my home, Black Mountain.

G                             C          D
Put you in my pocket for the rest of my life.

G              C     D2     C
Sun's comin' up at Black Mountain

G                          D
Me and my coffee, we're walkin’ the trails.

G                  D
Got the sourdough in the oven,

C                        D
Burro feed in the burro pail.

I love Black Mountain
Saws that sing and axes that bite.
Got you in my sights, Black Mountain.
Put you in my pocket for the rest of my life.  

Ize hammerin', Early sawin'
Snake's tellin' stories about his bear.
Tom's shootin’ rifles, Zach's a-jawin’
Sayin’, "It'll shine, don't have a care”.

I love Black Mountain
Strong stone arms, and soft spruce arms.
Fell for your charm, Black Mountain.
Put you in my pocket for the rest of my life.

Singin’ the sun down at Black Mountain.
Dippin’ wax candles, pourin’ hot lead.
Tossin’ our axes, cleanin’ our rifles
Lay my head down; it's time for bed.

I love Black Mountain
Wrap your arms around me and hold me tight.
Make you my home Black Mountain
Put you in my pocket for the rest of my life.
Put you in my pocket for the rest of my life.

(8)     MY MOUNTAIN LADY                           Paul C. Tweed
Paul Tweed wrote 'My Mountain Lady' at Beaubian, he was a Wrangler there in 1980.
Now Paul sings his own song, with Doc Walker doing the harmony and Jack Clark
doing the percussion work. Here’s, My Mountain Lady.

D                          D1                   D2
Well, I met her in the mountains of New Mexico

D      D1                   D2
Hair was as gold as the summer sun

D         D1                   D2
Makes me feel as high as the highest mountain

D           D1                  D2
And I hate to leave her when the summers done.

D D1 D2       D D1 D2
D                        D1                 D2

Well, I was workin’ as a cowboy in those mountains
I had everything I could ever want
A good ole horse to ride and a cabin to sleep in
Alone with my lady under the stars above.

G             A           D D1 D2
So fine, she's my mountain lady

G               A               D D1 D2
The most beautiful woman in the world.

G                 A                D   D1  D2
I must be the richest man under the skies of blue

G                         A                  G     
Just to have her love and to hear her say, "babe I love you".

D                            D1            D2

Well, her blue eyes they shine in the moonlight
And her smile makes me feel so fine
Tellin' you boys, there ain't nothin' in this ole world
That can make me feel like my New Mexican girl.


D              D1                    D2

Well I'm leavin' when the autumn leaves start fallin'
Back to the north, and the cold and snow.
I have to leave her and these mountains,
But a part of me is stayin' just to let her know.


(9)     THE NEW MEXICAN COWBOY            Curt Rom
When Curt Rom was on Beaubian Staff in 1978, he wrote The New Mexican Cowboy.
J.D. Robison & Dave Goldfein sing harmony, while Doc Walker leads, in New Mexican Cowboy

D                     G             D                  G
Sun comes up over the prairie, shinin’ off the prairie ponds.

D                 Bm               E                  A
Sittin’ here on my pony watchin' the day start to move along.

G                          A              D                   Bm
The wind blows though the pine trees and across the mountaintops.

G                      A                   G       A    D
And I know this is the life for me, and a good day never stops.

D      G           D       A                       D
Just a New Mexican cowboy, doing what I've always dreamed.

D       G          D       D             Bm               G-A
Just a New Mexican cowboy, doin' life naturally it seems to me.

A           D
Keep a-ridin’ high.

In a high mountain grassland, I'm a-watchin’ the cattle graze,
Riddin’ across Burn meadow, working for my day's wage.
The sweat it rolls from under my hat and across my dusty brow.
Got to get along hoss, can't lope like that, got to chase another stray cow.


Kicked back at the trapper's lodge, I'm a-sitting on the front porch.
Smell the ole Majestic cooking what the cookie don't scorch.
I know that fence needs fixin' and that some of the chores ain't done.
But today is not right for doing them; see there will be another one.


Tomorrow I'm headed for Cimarron, to the local meeting place,
Gonna play some pool and see some friends and probably eat a steak.
And there will be piano singing, and a two-step dance, and a barroom fight.
It’s a hard long work in a cowboy's life but you know it’s really alright.


Sittin’ around a campfire watching the flames leap from log to log,
Thinkin’ the whole day through some cowboy songs.
I wish for you all around the best of peace and joy,
You got to keep riding high for all your life like the New Mexican boy.


Keep a-ridin’ high.

(10)   NEW MEXICO I’VE MISSED YOU         Ken Konopka
New Mexico I’ve Missed You was written by Ken Konopka at Pueblano, while he was working
there as a Conservationist. Here with Molly Faulkner singing harmony, Ken sings his own,
New Mexico I’ve Missed You

D                                    C              G
It's been a year since I've been away and I've missed it so;

D                                C                 G
The mountain streams, the rugged peaks all covered with snow;

D                                C                      G
Frosty mornings, chillin' breezes, wild flowers covered with dew;

D                                  C                  G
Friendly people, smiling faces, New Mexico I've missed you.

C                  G         C  G               G
New Mexico I've missed you, New Mexico-oh-ho I've missed you.

D                       C                             G
Many places rival the scenery, but the people are the best.

D                                              C                 G
The spirit of the mountains is in everybody; it's the spirit of friendliness.

D                                C               G
Not everywhere you can say hello and receive a warm reply;

D                                       C              G
But in New Mexico it happens every day. It's the New Mexico way of life,

C             G                  C    G          D
It's the New Mexican way of life, it's the New Mexican-a-hen way of life.

D                                 C                   G
Summer's endin', people leaving, sadness through and through.

D                                C                          G
Say good-bye to the people, the mountains, the sky’s azure blue.

D                                   C               G
No one really wants to leave, but obligations do persist.

D                                         C                  G
We'll leave with the spirit in our hearts, New Mexico you will be missed;

C                   G          C    G              D
New Mexico you will be missed, New Mexico-a-ho will be missed,

C    G            D
New Mexico-a-ho will be missed.

(11)   RUNNIN’ WITH THE WIND                   Greg (Doc) Walker
.                Note: 10/27/79 is the actual name “Doc” Walker gave his song.

“Doc” Walker was attending Medical School in Boston in October of ‘79, when he wrote
Runnin’ With the Wind. It’s about a reunion with Staff Members Jason Mascitti and Ken Block.
Doc sings his own song now, here’s Runnin’ With the Wind.

Sittin' in old Boston town lookin' at the city lights
Rememberin’ those days gone by; those Rocky Mountain nights.
And I think of two young Philly boys, two aspens in the wind.
They walk along those trails again those Colfax county friends.

You gotta run with the wind, Follow tumblin’ streams.
Soar above the hills of green and live your mountain dreams.

They tell about the city life sittin’ around a campfires glow.
One sings forgotten miners’ songs, the others listens low.
And a quiet magic fills the air as the embers fade away.
For now there's three young cowboys sharin' memories of the day.


Friends are joined from all about, from all across this land.
A common memory binds us all, a place that's truly grand.
And this moment always lives with us, as a smile begins to form.
On each young weary traveler's face, and the hearts begin to warm.


So sing a song for special friends, and share a tear for old.
For here stand those two aspen trees, now their leaves have turned to gold.
As for me, I'm just on Ozark boy with a memory in my mind,
Of this summers night we all once shared in a place that's lost in time.


(12)  TENNESSEE RIVER                               Jack Clark
Tennessee River was written by Jack Clark, a Member of Clarks Fork Staff in 1981.
Here now Jack sings his own, Tennessee River.

G7         G/F#m     Em  Em             Am       Am7     *
I think I'll head back home… where the Tennessee River flows.

G              G/F#m   Em  Em        Am               Am7      *   
The people there can be so warm …I know that's where I want to go.

G  G/F#m Em                 Am   Am7  *
Going home… Where the river flows

G G/F#m *           Am  Am7  *  G G/F#m Em Em Am Am7 *
Tennessee River… Oh... Tennessee… Goin’ home.

G        G/F#m     Em  Em  Am         Am7  *
I hear them play that song… Just about every day.

G       G/F#m   Em  Em      Am     Am7      *
I can see her lovely face… And then I hear her say.

G  G/F#m  Em

Boy, come on home… Where the river flows
Tennessee River… Oh... Tennessee… Comin’ home.

G     G/F#m     Em  Em     Am         Am7        *
I traveled down her road… To see if she still was there

G         G/F#m       Em  Em       Am               Am7     *
As my heart was filled with fear… She said just what I came to hear.

"Boy, you're home… Where the river flows
Tennessee River… Oh... Tennessee… Goin’ home.

(13)   WINTER OF '29                                       Steve Lewis
"Winter of '29" was written in 1973 by Steve Lewis, who was then a Staff Member at Cipher’s Mine.
It’s become a traditional song at Clear Creek. Doc Walker and J.D. Robison sing, Winter of ‘29

'Twas the winter of '29

Me and Jake was a-riding the line,

C              G
I'll tell you boys it was cold now.

Came across a bit of frost,

Nearly lost my beaver and hoss

F          C                    G
A fine time dreamin' of the Texas sun.

Well, I wish I coulda’ got a whole pocketful of Texas sun.

Looked around for a restin' spot,

Fingers so cold you couldn't tie a knot.

C                                   G
We settled down for a long cold restless snooze, boys.

Came the time that the white moon rose,

Heard a sound, it nearly froze my toes

F                       C                 G
It was a big ole brown bear, a grizzly bear, Ole Griz!

So I jumped out there in the knee-deep snow,

C                G
And I swung my rifle 'round.

Caught him in the chin just below the nose,

C                   D
He went a-bellowin' like a hound, ya.

Jake woke up from the noise outside,

Said he'd never had a better sleep in his life,

C                                            G
We put on a pot of that coffee boiled black as night, boys.

Packed up the mules like we always do,

And headed on down to the rendezvous,

F               C                     G
A fine time dreamin' of the Texas sun.

F                             C                   G
Well, I wish I coulda’ got a whole pocketful of Texas sun.

And it was fine time dreamin' of the Texas sun.
It seem like friends are always talkin’ ‘bout the Texas sun.
A fine time dreamin' of the Texas sun.
Me, ya’ know I’m always dreamin’ of the Clear Creek sun.

(14)   PHILMONT HYMN                                 John (J.B.) Westfall
In 1947 J.B. Westfall wrote the Philmont Hymn.
Now, The “Chorale of the 1981 Training Center Staff ” sings the Philmont Hymn

D    G   D         D       G      D
Silver on the sage, starlit skies above

A                    D       G      D
Aspen covered hills, country that I love

D        G         D     D        G      D
Philmont here's to thee, Scouting paradise

A                       D - G - D
Out in God's country, tonight.

Bm                        G              D
Wind in whispering pines, eagles soaring high

A                      D       G        D
Purple mountains rise, against an azure sky

D        G         D     D        G   D
Philmont here's to thee, Scouting paradise

A                     D - G - D
Out in God's country, tonight.

.                                                                                                  Note: ‘J.B.’ was incorrectly identified as Davy, …which then became David

.                Bonus Tracks:             (Not on original 1982 Cassette tape)
.                                                                       2000          (CD conversion project started 1999)

(15)  CIMARRON WIND                                  Rod Taylor & Peter Crook

Stars up above could be the twinkle in her eye
To remind me of those big south western skies
My empty hearts a-waitin', my patience wearin' thin
When will love come ridin' that Cimarron wind

Cimarron wind blow true love to me
Down from the big sky, love from the sea
My empty hearts a-waitin', my patience is wearin' thin
When will love come ridin' that Cimarron wind

Stayed at lonely places, carried beauty seldom seen
But no one to see it with, this loneliness turns mean
Where are two eyes to see it with, love and soul my friend
When will love come ridin' that Cimarron wind


My empty hearts a-waitin', my patience is wearin' thin
When will love come ridin' that Cimarron wind
I curse the days I cried to the Cimarron wind

(16)   BROKEN WING                                      Peter Crook

The birds keep flyin’ to that high wire,
When at the nest there makes new life.
Some stay longer when they shouldn't linger,
And play around with sparks that fly.

With a broken wing she comes and holds me,
She will not let me fall from the sky.
She says, "Together we will weather,
Whatever the storm may bring".

I would say I'm sorry but I know it's easy,
To make excuses to buy some time.
The simple truth is that I've hurt you,
'Cause with another I tried to fly.


She says, "Together we will weather,
Whatever the storm may bring".

(17)   HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS         Chris Standard

They say home is where the heart is
Home is just where you want to be
My home is a place where the aspen trees sing
My home is in Phil Country

Just sitting here on rock, watchin' as the day goes by
And thinkin' to my self how happy I am here
Where the people are so warm and kind
So many I call friends of mine
And they all seem to be a part of me


There're mountains, lakes and flowin' streams
And the birds I always hear them sing
And the wind as it whistles on through the trees
Where the valleys are so far below
And the mountaintops are touched with snow
And the skies above are so blue to me


There's no place I'd rather be
Than right here in God's Country
For it will always be home to me

.                                                                                            Or as the Phil Pholks would write: “HOmE”
.                                                                                                                Heaven On Earth

(18)   TIMES                                                      Paul Tweed

I remember times when we would ride
From sunup to sundown under the clear blue sky
Workin' on the land side by side
Lookin' out for each other like brother after brother

Have you seen the time flowin' by like a river
Have you seen the many moons go by
Have you seen the time flying on like an eagle
Goin' higher and higher in the sky

I remember watchin' folks come visit our old cabin
Stopping by the porch just to say hello
Seeing big ol' bears wander by
Wonder if they just stopped by to tell the boys hello


I got all these memories inside
From Horse Canyon to Bonita' fillin' me with pride
Some day we'll all come back again and ride
From sunup to sundown under the clear blue sky

I remember times when we would ride
From sunup to sundown under the clear blue sky
I remember times when we would ride
From sunup to sundown under the clear blue sky

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

Liner Notes
From the inside of the CD cover:                                           
Written by Laura Foster Voss

Music has always been a part of Philmont. From the Philmont Hymn to the bawdy ballads, songs sung around
campfires and at Coffee houses, in the rows of Ranger Tent City and on the trail. Music has become an integral
part of the Philmont experience.

The Philmont staff of 1981 knew the importance of this music and set out to capture it on tape. Jim Foster and
Todd Conklin led the effort. Setting up two microphones in the living room of what most know as Wayne Bakers
house. Todd Conklin engineered the project and recorded music on a reel-to-reel recorder. Songwriters and
musicians dropped by on their days off to perform and record original songs written by Philmont staff members.
The recordings were then sent off to Dallas to be transferred to cassette in a professional studio. For years,
Philsongs was made available through the Philmont Trading Post by copying cassettes on a high-speed dubbing

The project that was started in the summer of 1981 was picked up by a new generation of Philmont staffers in the
summer of 1999. Knowing that her father never threw anything away. Laura Foster Voss asked Jim for the original
reel-to-reels in order to have them transferred to compact disk. Chris "Jag" McLaughlin had offered to “re-master”
tapes and put them on CD.

The original intention was for him to make several copies for the Fosters and for himself. Through several
conversations, however, it was decided that maybe there was a wider audience that would be interested in owning
a copy of Philsongs on CD.

Dawn Chandler and Todd Conklin convinced the Philmont Staff Association to fund the project initially and then
sell the CDs as a fundraiser for the PSA. James "Sam" Vivian took the project and ran with it, organizing harrowing
months of tracking down the Songwriters from the 1981 staff roster and keeping the project on track. Efforts
included finding new tracks to include in order to fill the CD. Tying the new Philsongs effort to the one of 1981,
Jeff Segler produced original cover art for both projects.

What you now hold in your hands is a culmination of the creative work that was done in the summer of 1981 and
the logistical work that has been done in the past year and a half. The songwriters have all agreed to have their
work reproduced and redistributed. As with the original project, all the proceeds from this project will go to benefit
Philmont. This project could not be done without the hard work of Chris McLaughlin, Sam Vivian, Dawn Chandler,
Todd Conklin, Jeff Segler, Laura Foster Voss, Jim Foster, and especially the musicians and songwriters that
contributed their arts.
J.D. Robison just shared this with me on 2/26/20
I was a Ranger in 1981, and I am one of the Artists on this CD / Tape.  
J.D. Robison (misspelled as “Robinson” – of course).                  
I have since corrected that.

I provided lead guitar and harmony on a lot of these songs, but only got passing credit on a few of them.  

For example, all of the nice lead acoustic guitar on Dave Goldfein’s “Boy of the Mountains” was Yours Truly…  
Molly sang  the harmony on that one.  Molly and I enjoyed singing together, but for some reason, when we
harmonized it just didn’t sound very good.  I tried not to sing at the same time as Molly, but we both thought it
was funny.

I can give you a lot of information and fun stories on this, I remember so much of it like it was yesterday.  

Doc Walker and I did a lot of campfires together that year, and we truly loved doing Winter of 29, and French

The original recordings were made in one of the Admin Lodges, and Tod Rudine and Jim
(Evil Eyes) Foster –
(he had blue eyes that would freeze the marrow out of you if you slipped up) used and old Reel to Reel Wolensack Tape
Recorder to make the recordings… using the “high quality” Mono Wolensack Microphone.  
It is a wonder that we got ANY kind of quality or balance on these songs.

Tremendous time with great people……  and at least
SOME KIND of immortality in this…

IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!      IWGBTP!

Remembered Days
Philsongs - Remembered Days -- CD cover
Added the liner notes from the  from
the inside of the CD cover.
Corrected the spelling of
J.D. Robison's name

* * *

Bonus Tracks:
Tom Munch
George Michaels
Dave Goldfein
Greg (Doc) Walker
Ricky W. Maxey
Mark Rom
Paul C. Tweed
Curt Rom
Ken Konopka
Greg (Doc) Walker
Jack Clark
Steve Lewis
John (J.B.) Westfall
(Not on original Cassette tape)
Rod Taylor &  Peter Crook
Peter Crook
Chris Standard
Paul Tweed
George gave me some little known details
about when and where he wrote the Black
.       When it was originally written, it was
NOT AT nor ABOUT Black Mountain!
He told me, that he was working on Staff
at French Henry when he wrote the song,
and it was about the French Henry cabin.
That is when he first sang it, but it was
late in the season.
The next year he was on Staff at Black
Mountain - so he just changed the title.
Many more people heard it sung originally
by him at Philmont as 'Black' then heard it
sung as 'French'.
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