Why Do Leftists Love Islam?
Why Do the Loony Leftists Love Islam?
Islamics however, HATE the Left, as the most vile and reprehensible of their enemies.
I can't say that I blame them for that!        However, Islamists welcome any help from "Useful Idiots"!
A partial SELECTED list, comparing Leftist Beliefs and Islamic Beliefs
Can someone explain why the Leftist and ACLU can love & support people who hate
everything they stand for, and who are very willing to kill them, and all the rest of us?
Leftists and the ACLU Love…
Abortion on demand
American Civil Liberties Union
U.S. laws on the laws of other nations
Child pornography
Freedom from Religion
Hate crimes laws to punish those who believe
    homosexuality is wrong. The criminalization of people
    holding divergent, non-politically correct opinions

Homosexual marriage
Immodest dress (Some "Hollywood elite" now wear short
    dresses & no panties)
Legalization of live sex acts in public
Legalization of sex between adults and children
Legalizing illicit drugs
Living Constitution (changing our laws to suit the times and
    whims of the of the current version of 'morality')
Making secularism the only legitimate religion
Mandatory sex education and homosexual indoctrination
Partial-birth abortion and abortion of all kinds, at any time
Physician-assisted suicide
Profane ‘art’
(taxpayer funded, of course!)
Protection for all kinds of pornography
Separation of Church and State Exception: Does not apply to Islam!
Tolerance -- for anything ...except for traditional morality!
Women’s Liberation & Equal Rights
    Women equal to Men...
    But never Men equal to Women!
    The same thing goes for 'Black vs. White' issues.
Denigrating Christians & Jews
    to a secondary status, with no voting rights
Banning Prayer in school and all public events.
  • Exception: Islamic Prayer!
Islam and Jihad!
                     (Non comparative)
Leftists and the ACLU Hate…
Christianity, Judaism, and Israel.
Criticizing Islamics
‘Hate’ Speech'
    except against Christians and Jews - always tolerated!
Owning Guns and other Weapons.
School vouchers for choice of schools.
Sex offender registries.
Tax exemptions for Churches.
Christian symbols in public.
Islam Hates...
Abortion of any kind
American Civil Liberties Union (Except as “Useful Idiots”)
their laws on the laws of other nations
Pornography of all kinds (Officially)... Unofficially they love it too!
Non-Islamics - Infidels
People who believe that there is anything wrong about
    Islam. (they must be severely punished)
    (The criminalization of people holding divergent,
    non-Islamic opinions)
Homosexual marriage
Homosexuals (they are HUNG for the crime)
Immodest dress (women must always be fully covered in
    public -- Burqa)
Public holding hands or kissing
Sex between anyone other than your wife.
    (Rape of non-Islamic women is always approved and legal.)
Illicit drugs (unless they are growing and selling them)
Non-Sharia laws (Islamic Law is immutable, codified in the
    Koran and other ancient documents)
    (See: Bid'ah: Islam is harsh, intolerant and repressive
    about innovation in matters of religion)
Making anything other than Islam a legitimate religion
Sex education
Abortion of any kind
Suicide, unless for gaining 'Paradise' by killing infidels
Depicting Muhammad or Allah in art
(unless they do it)
Pornography of all kinds (Officially) -- Unofficially they love it too!
Separation of Mosque and State (there is no "Islam" w/o Sharia)
Tolerance (killing critics, infidels, and apostates, it is the 'Allah'-
    given DUTY of all devout Moslems)
Women treated as chattel and can be dealt with
    as Muslim males desire (including 'Honor Killings')
  • "Women are Deficient in Intelligence", "The whole body of
Christianity, Judaism and any religion other than Islam!

Christian Bibles,
(they are searched for and immediately
    shredded at Customs) * see Bibles below
USA and Israel!
                        (Non comparative)
Muslims and Islam Love…
Denigrating Christianity & Judaism
    to a secondary subjugated status -- Dhimmi
Killing all non-Islamics (never considered a crime by Islamics)
Suicide bombings to kill whoever happens to be nearby.
Forced mandatory "conversion" or death.
Speech conforming only to the Koranic principles.
Mandatory five times daily prayer.
Making Islam the only legitimate (and mandatory religion)
Raping women, who are caught without a male escort.
Let's all be completely tolerant of Muslim intolerance.
While they plot and scheme to kill us.
Are you feeling the "Peace" yet?
Dhim·wit (dïm-wît)
- A non-Muslim member of a free society that abets the stated cause of Islamic domination with remarkable
A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom
(or life) if given the opportunity.
                                                                                     See also: Useful Idiots
World War I. The British 'Hero', Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, "Lawrence of Arabia" and the British Military
at the end of WWI forced Arab Muslims to enter the 20th Century. If oil had not been discovered in the Arabian Peninsula, most
Arabs would still all be living in mud huts or tents. Most Arab Muslims are STILL are living in abject poverty: They receive absolutely
no benefit from all that Oil Wealth!
Today the economic disparity ranges from most Arab Moslems living in abject poverty, while the few elite live in Ultra-Royal Splendor.
Pay no attention to those terrorists trying to kill you!  

"The Religion of Peace"?
-- They hate and kill each other!
The various Moslem / Muslim sects, Shi'ite, Sunni, Wahabi, Ghazzalis etc., have always warred amongst
themselves, both in the beginning, and throughout history, even to this very day, hence many Moslem males
always carry automatic weapons.
There are currently about 73 different remaining Muslim Sects,
there were many more, but Islam brought the "Peace of Islam" to all the 'missing ones'!

From: Islam & Sects:- at "In the Name of Allah.org"  www.inthenameofallah.org/Islam%20&%20Sects.html  
Sects such as the Khajerites, Shi'ites, Murje'ites, Mut'azelites, Asherites, Hanbalites and Sufis to name a few,
predominated in certain parts of the empire at different times until they were killed or overthrown by others.
The Arab world is divided into a set of bickering kingdoms, dictatorships, and theocracies.
They are united only through the device of an agreed-upon common enemy; ...anyone who is NOT Moslem!

Quote from Star Trek:
"Nine hundred years is a long time to hold a grudge"
-- "Capt. Janeway" -- Star Trek: Voyager, Dragon's Teeth, Season 6,  Episode 8

Note to Muslims: Ditto!
740+ years is also a long time to hold a grudge!
It's been that long since the Last Crusade!

Ever wonder if or why the Crusades were justified?
Is it possible it was a long overdue response to over four centuries of Islamic conquest?

Here is a chronological listing of major Islamic conquests prior to the first Crusade...
NOTE: This is only listing events occurring within Christendom, the Muslims were also
very busy conquering as far to the East as the Hindu Nations.

613        (Persians capture Damascus and Antioch)
614        (Persians sack Jerusalem)                        
622        Hejira - Mohammad's flight from Mecca to Medina, executes all men and
             older boys, enslaves young boys, women and girls as sex slaves.
624        Jihad - Mohammed and his followers subdue Mecca
633        Muslims conquer Syria and Iraq
635        Muslims begin the conquest of Persia and Syria
635        Arab Muslims capture the city of Damascus
636-637        Arab domination of Syria
637        Arabs occupy Ctesiphon
637        Jerusalem captured and falls to Muslim forces
638        Caliph Umar I enters Jerusalem
639        Muslims conquer Egypt and Persia
641        Islam spreads into Egypt
641        Muslims conquer Alexandria and burn the Library of Alexandria
649        Muawiya I lead a raid against Cyprus sacking the capital Salamis-Constantia
652        Sicily is attacked by Muslims
653        Muawiya I leads a raid against Rhodes
654        Muawiya I conquers Cyprus
655        Battle of the Masts
661-680        Muawiya moves capital from Mecca to Damascus
662        Egypt falls to the Umayyad and Abbasid caliphates
667        Sicily is attacked by Muslims
668        First siege of Constantinople
669        Muslim conquest reaches Morocco
669        Muslims halted by Byzantines at Constantinople
672        Muslims capture the island of Rhodes
674        Arab conquest reaches Indus River
698        Muslims capture Carthage
700        Muslims raid Island of Sicily
711        Moors (Muslims) invade Spain
711        Muslims conquest of Sindh in Afghanistan
711        Battle of Guadalate
712        Conquest of Andalusia
715        Muslim conquest of Spain
716        Muslims captured Lisbon
717        Cordova becomes capital of Andalusia (Spain)
719        Muslims attack Septimania in Southern France
721        Muslims cross the Pyrenees
722        Battle of Covadonga First defeat of Muslims by Christians
724        Muslims raid southern France and capture Carcassone and Nimes
725        Muslim forces occupy Nimes, France
730        Muslim forces occupy Narbonne and Avignon
732        Battle of Tours
(Christian Victory) Charles 'The Hammer' Martel halts Muslim advance into France.
               He defeated an invading Muslim army and halted northward expansion.
735        Muslim invaders capture Arles
750        Abbasids move capital to Baghdad --
Map of extent of conquest at this point
756        The Emirate of Cordova is established - Another map of the conquered territory en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Age-of-caliphs.png
759        Pippin III ends Muslim incursions in France
762        Baghdad becomes center of Arab/Muslim golden age
792        Hisham I calls for a Jihad Thousands heed his call to cross the Pyrenees to subjugate France. Many cities are destroyed.
813        Muslims attack the Civi Vecchia, near Rome
816        The Moors support the Basques against the Franks
827        Sicily is invaded by Muslims
831        Muslims capture Palermo and make it their capital
838        Muslim raiders sack Marseille
840        Muslims occupy much of Southern Italy
841        Muslim forces capture Bari, Italy
846        Muslim raiders attack areas near Ostia and Rome
Some enter Rome and damage the Churches of St. Peter and St. Paul.        
                                                                                      The Leonine Wall is built around Rome to discourage further attacks.
849        Battle of Ostia (Christian Victory)
850        Perfectus, a Christian priest in Muslim Cordova is executed, one of the first of many others.
851        Young Christians are executed for insulting the Prophet Muhammed
858        Muslim raiders attack Constantinople
859        Muslim invaders capture Castrogiovanni slaughtering several thousand
869        Arabs capture the island of Malta
870        Muslim invaders capture Syracuse
876        Muslims pillage Campagna in Italy
879        The Seljuk Empire unites Mesopotamia and a large portion of Persia
884        Muslims invading Italy burn the monastery of Monte Cassino to the ground
900        The Fatimid Dynasty assumes control of Egypt
902        The Muslim conquest of Sicily is completed when the Christian city of Taormina is captured
909        Sicily comes under the control of the Fatimids
909        The Fatimid Dynasty assumes control of Egypt
909        Muslims control all the passes in the Alps between France and Italy cutting off passage between the two countries.
920        Muslim forces cross the Pyrenees, enter Gascony and reach as far as the gates of Toulouse
945        Persian Muslims capture Baghdad
972        The Fatimids of Egypt conquer North Africa
981        Ramiro III, King of Leon, is defeated at Rueda
985        Al-Mansur Ibn Abi Aamir sacks Barcelona
994        The monastery of Monte Cassino is destroyed a second time by Arabs
997        Under the leadership of Almanzar, Muslim forces march out of the city of Cordova and head north to capture Christian lands.
997        Muslim forces burn Compostela to the ground
1004        Arab raiders sack the Italian city of Pisa
1009        Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah orders the Holy Sepulcher and all Christian buildings in Jerusalem be destroyed.
1012        Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah orders the destruction of all Christian and Jewish houses of worship in his lands.
1012        Berber forces capture Cordova and order that half the population be executed
1015        Arab Muslim forces conquer Sardinia
1050        Islamic Berber dynasties established in Sahel
1055        Seljuk (Islamic) Turks capture Baghdad
1064        The Seljuk Turks conquer Christian Armenia
1070        Seljuk Turks capture Jerusalem and begin persecuting Christian Pilgrims
1071-1085        Seljuk Turks conquered  most of Syria and Palestine
1071        Battle of Manzikert
1073        Seljuk Turks conquer Ankara
1075        Seljuk Turks capture Jerusalem
1078        Seljuk Turks capture Nicaea
1084        Seljuk Turks conquer Antioch
1085        Kingdom of Castile re-conquers Toledo, Spain from Moors
1086        Battle of Zallaca
1088        Patzinak Turks begin forming settlements between the Danube and the Balkans
1090        Granada captured by Yusuf Ibn Tashfin
1091        Cordova is captured by the Almoravids
Spanish knight El Cid takes Valencia, Spain from the Moors
1095      Launch of the First Crusade. Wasn't this about time?        Talk about "turning the other cheek"!
  • It took over 450 years from 622 to 1095 when Pope Urban II at the Council Clermont, in response to the appeal from the Byzantine
    Emperor Alexius I Comnenus for support against the invasion of the Seljuk (Moslem) Turks. On November 27, 1095, Pope Urban II
    makes perhaps the most influential speech of the Middle Ages, giving rise to the Crusades by calling all Christians in Europe to war
    against Muslims in order to reclaim the Holy Land, with a cry of “Deus vult!” or “God wills it!”.
  • The Pope called for a Holy War, for the Christian Nations to respond as an alliance to Islamic aggression and conquest.
  • These were military expeditions by European Christians to regain the Holy Lands taken by the Muslim conquest of the Levant,
    which resulted in the re-capture of Jerusalem.

1099       First Crusade under Godfrey of Bouillon re-takes Jerusalem
1272       The last Crusade (Ninth) ended
However, none of this has ever stopped the Muslim Raids.
Ever head of the "Barbary Pirates"?
Those were Muslims that were STILL raiding Europe and also raiding the USA's
Commercial Shipping around the time of President Jefferson, and it has not stopped as of yet, THINK - Somali Pirates!
From: sites.google.com/site/islamicthreatsimplified/a-religion-or-political-ideology/islam-has-done-it-before  
    (Combined with other sources and some editing for clarity and completeness.)

-- All these Islamic military invasions and conquests of previously Christian lands that Europeans were supposed to ignore?
See for further study: www.americanthinker.com/2005/11/the_truth_about_islamic_crusad.html  

Companions of Muhammad lived to see Islam declare war on every major religion in the world in just the first few decades following his
death - pressing the Jihad against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, and Buddhists and many others.
  • The Crusades were in response to all of this.
By the time of the Crusades (when the Europeans began fighting back), Muslims had conquered two-thirds of the Christian world
by the sword, from Spain and parts of Italy, France, all the Islands of the Mediterranean Sea, to Syria, and across North Africa.

(They had also conquered as far east as the Hindu Lands too!) The Arab slave-trading routes would stay open for another 1300 years,
until pressure from Christian-based countries forced Islamic nations to declare the practice illegal.
(in theory).

How Islamic Atrocities Provoked the Crusades https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/204934/blaming-crusades-jihad-ryan-mauro
This link discusses Islamic violence against Christians during the Middle Ages, and how it provoked the Crusades as a defensive response.
The idea that the Crusades were an unprovoked act of violence against Islamic "civilization" is simply nonsense and not historical.
Blaming the Crusades for Jihad - Ibn Warraq reveals the ancient scourge of Islamic imperialism -- and why Christians get the blame.

From: WikiIslam - Glossary of Islamic Terms
Definition of "Peace", as in: "Religion of Peace"
"Peace: Submission to Allah is the only peace recognized in Islam. Anything else is worthy of justified retaliation.
--When Muslims say peace, they mean non-Muslims should be subdued and humiliated to the extent that they have no strength to rebel.
Peace, according to Islam, is therefore achieved through subjugation." -- Ali Sina

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Since the death of Muhammad in 632, Islamic history has been punctuated by many periods in which various heterodox sects have emerged
and clashed violently with mainstream Muslims, as well as with the West.
Heterodoxy includes
"any opinions or doctrines at variance with an official or orthodox position". As an adjective, heterodox is used to describe
a subject as
"characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards" (status quo). The noun heterodoxy is synonymous
with unorthodoxy, while the adjective heterodox is synonymous with dissidence.

Moslems believe according to the Koran and Sharia Law it is their religious obligation, their moral and legal duty to kill any infidel at any
time for any reason, or for no reason at all.
You must convert or die!
They also reserve the right to tax you to death, if they so please. But they always reserve the right to still kill you.

"Allah be damned infidels have no right to live and breathe!"

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~
What Islamic or Sharia Law would mean, if it became embedded in our society.   by Thomas D. Segel

For men, radical Islam means a ban on listening to music, watching movies, television or videos. There would be a ban on celebrating
any non-Muslim holiday. All people with non-Islamic names would be required to adopt an Islamic name. All men and boys would be required
to have traditional
(Muslim) haircuts and when able, they must grow beards. Prayers at mosques must be attended five times daily.
They are banned from having
birds and dogs*. No kite flying is allowed. Anyone found with objectionable literature can be executed.
No hand clapping is allowed at sporting events. The use of the Internet is banned except by government permission. Non-Muslims must wear
distinctive identifying badges.
(Just like the Jews were required to do under Nazi Germany.)

For women, all of the above apply, except for beards. In addition, women are banned from receiving a education, working outside the home,
except for selected female doctors. Male doctors cannot treat women.
BTW: Where do Female Doctors come from, if they are disallowed
an Education?
Women cannot leave the home unless accompanied by a male relative or husband. They cannot drive a car, or deal with
shopkeepers. Women must wear undecorated clothing that covers them from head to foot. Muslims believe that it is OK and permissible by
unholy Koran to gang rape any woman who is out alone, or out with a non-relative male.
"She was asking for it". "She is 'uncovered meat'"
Then it is the woman who always gets punished and sometimes stoned to death or hung, while the rapists get off scott free to rape again
according to Sharia Law.

A woman can be whipped if her ankles show in public. She is banned from shaking hands, laughing loudly, wearing high heeled shoes,
playing sports, speaking on radio or TV, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, must not wear perfume. The woman’s clothing cannot resemble a
man’s clothes. Their shoes cannot make a sound when they walk. They cannot talk to men other than family and when they do talk it must
be in a very low voice. They must not look at strangers. When riding in a taxi cab, they will ride in the open trunk.

For a woman, the breaking of any of these bans can result in punishment. For example, in Saudi Arabia, a woman found to have nail polish
on her fingers,
had her fingertips cut off. More severe infractions can result in a death sentence.

Granted, we are addressing the rules of 'Radical Islam'. Radical Islam is the TRUE form of Islam and is what is found in the Koran.
THIS is VERY IMPORTANT! So-called 'Moderate Islam' is non-Koranic, and doesn't really exist, except in the minds of apologists for Islam.
Understand that "Radical Moslems" are following the unholy Koran to the letter, and that they believe that the so-called 'Moderate Moslems'
are just as bad as infidels and that they must be properly "Islamized".
The so-called "Moderates" are not "Muslim" enough!
But from where else did it originate and why haven’t the so-called "moderate" or "peaceful Muslims" done something to stop these extremes?

- They won't, except to give 'lip service', as necessary, they are just biding their time!
But, why be concerned. This could never happen in America. Right???

Wrong! ...It is happening right now!

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Much of this below has been heavily borrowed from: http://wikiislam.net/wiki/Glossary_of_Islamic_Terms and  www.inthenameofallah.org  (Used with permission)

Islam is a false 'religion', based on the delusional ravings of a false 'prophet', and a false pagan 'god'.
-- What idolatry is greater than worshipping the fantasies of a mentally deranged man? -- Ali Sina"
'Allah' was the Head god of the pagan Meccan pantheon of about 360 deities. How could Allah of pagan Arabia be the
same as the God of Israel?

Moreover, Moses forewarned his people - and Pharaoh - with verses
before the events occurred while almost every single
one of Muhammad's 'revelations' occurred in hindsight, after the event and to explain away the reasons of actions taken -
invariably illegal and immoral - as ordered by him. --  "Myth of Islamic Civilization"

It was a Bid'ah heresy. (From Al-Bada' meaning to create something without precedence.) Based on one of the many Arab pagan tribal
'gods'. 'II-ilah' was the name used for the 'Moon God' whose name pre-existed Mohammed and was known and 'worshiped' by the Arab
people for hundreds of years
before Mohammed was born.
Muhammad means 'The Praised One', formerly Kothan Halabi ibn Abdullah 570-632). To Muslims, he is the uswa hasana - the perfect
model of conduct for all Muslims to follow. He is characterized in Islam's own texts as a murderer, child violator and a cheater by breach
of contract. -- Muhammad set the example ...and broke all his own rules. He reneged his treaties. He invaded caravans during the sacred
months when fighting was forbidden. He eliminated his critics by assassinating them. He raided villages without warning. He raped captured
married women. He mutilated the corpses of his enemies "to delight the hearts of the believers". He beheaded his opponents to strike fear.
You can't expect Muslims to observe rules that their prophet did not observe. -- Ali Sina. Notice how the very name of Muhammad,
as 'The Praised One', is sacrilegious by allowing a partner to Allah.
However to reject al-Ilah (Allah) or to assign partners with him
(see shirk) is considered the greatest of sins.     How many Muslims are named MUHAMMAD?     (Muslim's can't even get that right!)

From: www.inthenameofallah.org/conclusions.html  
(2) It is also untrue, that the manner in which we find the Quran today has remained unchanged since it was arranged by Muhammad.
    The extensive historical records - as shown - of his followers, report that in his days, the Quran was not yet COMPLETELY written
    and it had to undergo several editings and consolidations before it was finalized in 932CE; 300 years after his death.
    The manuscripts are available in the Library of the Qarawiyun mosque in Fez, Morocco as well as other documents that prove
    -- (The Tashkent Codex and the Topkapi Codex).

Shirk-- Islamic mortal sin, death-worthy crime, consisting in ascribing any partner to Allah but even atheism is shirk. In the Islamic
Shahadah, in Q.48.8-9 (-Chr.111-) and 61.1 (-Chr.109-), Muhammad ascribed himself as such a partner. His very name meaning 'The
Praised One' is shirk.  
Makr -- Someone who makes a person believe something that is not true; a liar. According to the Qur'an, Allah is the best of deceivers.  
Allah is the Arabic name for God. The name "Allah" was known in pre-Islamic Arabia as the head of the pantheon. It is always written
al-Ilah (The God) in the Qur'an, never Allah. Some non-Muslims believe Allah to be Muhammad's alter-ego. Allah is known to have existed
before Mohammed, since his father was named Abdullah (slave of Allah). Its most probable origin is the Arabic moon god II-ilah, but we find
in Matthew 5.8 the name Alaha, Syriac for God from the Aramaic Alôh-ô, and Eloi in Mc.15.34 and Mt.27.46. Both Alaha and Yah find an
ancestor in the Egyptian Yah (Iah or Lah: the moon proper).
"Allah" was known to exist by Arabs long prior to Mohammed, since his father was named Abdullah which means 'Slave of Allah', also
interpreted as: 'Servant of Allah'.
How else can you explain that 'Allah' or the 'Moon God', was known by his tribe and that knowledge pre-existed the birth of Mohammed?
The literal name of Mohammed's father in Arabic is Abd Allah. His uncle's name Obred Allah. These names show the devotion of
Mohammed's families pagan roots, and also prove that Allah was part of a polytheistic system of worship before 'Allah' was made the
supreme and only 'god' from the other 360 pagan 'god's'. This should be proof to the pre-Islamic root of the name of Allah to the Muslim.
Hubal was the pagan moon god worshiped at the Ka’aba in Mecca by the pre-Islamic Arabians. (which houses the mysterious Black Stone)
It became a Moslem relic in the time of the Prophet Muhammad and pilgrims to Mecca try to stop and kiss it while circumambulating the
Ka'ba during the hajj. According to archaeologists, the Ka'ba certainly predates Islam. It was rebuilt several times by the tribes ruling Mecca,
who used it to house sacred objects, including the Black Stone, and as a shrine to pagan Arabian tribal gods.
The crescent moon was Hubal’s symbol. Just as the Cross is for Christianity and the Star of David for Judaism, the Crescent moon is today
a universal symbol for Islam.
The hard evidence demonstrates that the 'god' Allah was a pagan deity. In fact, he was the 'Moon-god' who was married to the sun
goddess and the stars were his daughters. Archaeologists have uncovered pre-Moslem temples to the Moon-god throughout the Middle
East. From the mountains of Turkey to the banks of the Nile, the most wide-spread religion of the ancient world was the worship of the
'Moon-god'.        What is the symbol of Islam? ...A crescent moon and a star!

The One and only real GOD has a son named Jesus.
"The Father and I are one."  John 10:30

  • "Allah" was the Head god of the pagan Meccan pantheon of about 360 deities. How could the same "Allah"  
    of pre-Mohammed, pagan Arabia ever possibly be the same "god" as the God of Israel and all Christianity?

Moreover, Moses forewarned his people - and Pharaoh - with verses before the events occurred while almost every single
one of Muhammad's 'revelations' occurred in hindsight, after the event and to explain away the reasons for his actions taken -
invariably illegal and immoral by all pre-Moslem standards - as ordered by him.

From: WikiIslam - Glossary of Islamic Terms  https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Glossary_of_Islamic_Terms     
There are many more Islamic Terms to see there!      These are just a few examples.

Islamofascism -- Like Nazism was a National-Socialism, Islam is such a Religious-Socialism since its Khalifat (Caliphate) is meant to be
imposed worldwide, including its lifestyle, through forced conversion.  
Islamophobia -- Expression intended to pinpoint that any criticism of Islam comes from a disturbed mind, a deranged person, stupid and
cretinous; someone worthy of being treated for mental illness.  
Peace -- "Submission to Allah is the only peace recognized in Islam. Anything else is worthy of justified retaliation. -- When Muslims say
'peace', they mean non-Muslims should be subdued and humiliated to the extent that they have no strength to rebel. Peace, according
to Islam, is therefore achieved through subjugation." -- Ali Sina
Thoughtcrime (crime without a victim) -- The criminalization of people holding divergent opinions. In Islam, blasphemy or rejecting 'Allah'
and 'His Prophet' is the equivalent of High Treason.  
Useful idiot -- Said of people not conscious of being manipulated in order to agree with a political agenda. Those convinced by the media
and other influences that Islam is indeed a 'religion'.

See the youtube video:
Myth of Islamic Civilization #21 "www.inthenameofallah.com"
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7B9B868D0D0F61F5 by 'noyourkoran'

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* Bibles -- Just having a Bible in a Moslem country can get you killed!
Owning a Bible in Saudi Arabia will cause at the least deportation, most likely prison time, and sometimes a death sentence.
If Saudi customs agents find a Bible in your suitcase, it will be publicly shredded.
Bottom line:
Christians must honor Islam at all times but it is 'politically correct' for Muslim nations to desecrate Jewish and Christian Holy
Books, burn Churches and Synagogues, and kill, kidnap, torture, rape and enslave those who disagree with their beliefs.
NOTE: There are, of course, some Leftists that hate Islam, however, they seem to be a small minority.
There are those who have commented: "The enemy of your enemy is your friend."    Not when this so-called "friend" wants you DEAD!
We must harass and terrorize the accursed Infidels... For daring to say that Islam is violent and intolerant!
Islamics hate everything the 'West' stands for, and so called Leftist 'morality' the most!
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
No Islamic atrocity is too terrible, not to get a 'pass' from the Left.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *
By Islams own laws, there is nothing that they can do to a Infidel that is ever considered as wrong!
Common Sense
Vote for Sharia Law NOW!
Then start digging your grave, and save some other poor Kafir the trouble.
Now that's something we can all support!
*Birds and dogs:
Under Sharia Law, your pet will be killed, by having its head
sawed off with a knife ...right in front of you.
You will then be punished severely, for your violation of Sharia.
For the most recent violent atrocities committed by the
"Religion of Peace" for just the last THIRTY DAYS,
see the extensive list on the web page:
As always, the English spellings of Arab words
have many accepted spelling variations.
Muslims have an agreed-upon common enemy;
...anyone who is NOT Moslem.
Why does the Vatican have such big,
high, and thick walls?
A little History...
The answer is: After Muslims had invaded and
raided the Vatican, just like they were raiding every
other city and country in Europe that they could
reach, then the wall was built... to keep out and
defend from Muslims! At that time, Walled Cities
were the NORM, not the exception! Before the
Muslim raid on Rome, Rome was an exception!

Moslem armies had conquered Syria, Persia,
Palestine, Egypt, North Africa, Spain, Sicily,
Southern Italy, Cyprus, Rhodes, Sardinia, Majorca,
Crete, and Malta which had been some of the most
heavily Christian areas in the world. They attacked
and sacked Rome and came within 100 miles of
Paris before being pushed back.
They were also very busy in the Far East, bringing
Islamic “peace” (of the grave) to the Hindu people.

So, Protestants and Leftists, how is it that the
1,170-year-old Leonine Wall that surrounds the
Vatican, is THIS Pope’s fault?
If you don’t like it…
Please donate the first $100,000 to the “Remove
the Leonine Wall” Foundation.

(See the Time Line 840 - 846)